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Welcome Guest Log In Register. Cartoonist Ujang kena game again? Forum Announcement New Registrations disabled until further notice. Read latest posts or hide this alert. Share on Track this topic Print this topic. May 5 Show posts by this member only Post 1.

Hmmm so unfortunate foor him Xxxxxxxxx This post has been edited by nikita zuleica: Show posts by this member only Post 2. Show posts by this member only Post 3. Show posts by this member only Post 4. Sebab dia on the way on the way. Typical malaysian macam mana nak maju forward, kan? Show posts by this member only Post 5. Show posts by this member only Post 6. Show posts by this maualah only Post 7.

From JB to KL! George w bush once said, ‘fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me’.

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Show posts by this member only Post 8. Time to hire a lawyer. Or start a company.

Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post 9. Negeri sembilan dialect Inb4 cannot speak own language properly. Deswai no need to learn the language. Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post People using kelantanese and n9 dialect should be shot. Show posts by this member only Post Cyberjaya, Shah Alam, Ipoh. Maajlah one to blame but himself Since gila gila days, ujang MOY days, now this??

Prolly after a few months he could not contribute anything any more. So instead of Makan gaji buta He kena pecat.

I read also hard to believe. He don’t have a work contract that properly stipulates his due?


Senang2 je nak pecat? Why not go to the labor office? Ntah2 ni pun gebang je lebih. His cartoons are good though. Technical skill je xcukup, kene pandai main bisnes. Patut dia mintak joint ownership utk setup company, bukan cash je.

May 6 Dude i aint got no need for alien dialect. Dah ada bahasa betul, gunakan.

#majalahlanun hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Everytime i hear a kelantanese using their dialect lqnun a crowd, i want to bang my head on a wall. Didnt know ujang got involved in upin ipin. New season no longer that good, i assume its bcoz ujang no longer play any part in producing it.

The characters also already change their characteristic. Mail who is suppose to be the cool guy now at times do stupid jokes with his 2 singgit tagline. Kak ros who b4 this play the mother role now like lanjn teen girl. Opah who usually be the 3rd person now also sometimes do stupid act. They are destroying this cartoon!!!!! I think thats arwah din beramboi. Ak setuju gila dngn hang.

Cash kdng2 bukan segalanya. Better joint ownership walaupun sekecil kecil rm pun tapi bila komik da femes, beribu jugak dapat akhir sekali. Klau xpandai dn tamak sngt, x kemana jugak. Aku x salahkn orng lain. Probably the lawyer will con him instead. His company will have a lot of incoming lawsuit.

To be honest, i like his cartoons. But the way i see is now, it’s just business. That is like saying you shouldn’t fund Stan Lee because he’s not a Harvard graduate. In the ninetiees his stuff, comics, novels are selling like hot cakes. Magazine bearing his name has one of the biggest circulation in the country before gempak and the weeb generations took over the next decade.

The problem with artists especially in developing world is they didnt have any association or organization to go to for advice or help. Or atleast a good agent to negotiate for them. Artists by nature are trusting, unfortunately vultures are everywhere.

Ak dh tgk byk kontrak partnership, biasanya dorg mintak retainer fee dan syer klu tk mampu bayar gaji. Bagaikan kacang lupakan kulit. But at the first place, he should have asked for shares in the company instead of cash. While they may look professional, i don’t think they do it the right way. Whether its kampung people, bandar people all the way to somewhat big shot, they always do it “take my word for it” way. Then almost always get burned. Trust is not an easy thing to give and take.


I more amaze u guys here can read it. I totally cannot understand that dialect: Kamu ini Kucing Melayu ke Kucing Cine? To get simpati from all rakyats regardless of race and state origin Kelantan Master Race of Peace. Not as annoying as kelantan. Dont have black and white contract kah? So easily kena fired? Why in the first place he accept RM2k salary and the RM2k for 6 years?? If pay low, he could have easily found other job since he is accomplished cartoonist.

Cartoonist Ujang kena game again?

Do like Zunar, self publish cartoon book. Mula2 melayu tolong melayu Then why accept 2k instead of 15k without black n white? He went on and now asking sympathy from people? I wish him good luck T May 6 I think that is not ujang’s fault. May 8 Lol now Les Copaque pulak. Daripada Majalah Gila-gila ke Ujang, kisah yang ditulis oleh kartunis ini banyak menyentuh hati rakyat Malaysia.

Begitu banyak kegembiraan telah mwjalah melalui karya-karya beliau yang tulus. Akan tetapi, majalaah sangka dalam gelak ketawa kita, tersimpan kesedihan buat kartunis ulung Malaysia ini. Semoga satu hari nanti bidang komik dapat diangkat tinggi menjadi warisan negara seperti mana Amerika Syarikat, Jepun dan Korea menghargai industri komik mereka.

Kisah seperti Aku Kanun Minang, Usop Sontorian dan pelbagai watak pernah menghiasi majalah humor sehingga mengangkat popularitinya tetapi syarikat berkenaan menerusi peguamnya terlebih dulu menghantar notis bahawa mereka adalah pemilik Majalah Ujang.

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