Full text of “The Mahabharata Rajaji”. See other formats. MAHABHARATA retold by C. Rajagopalachari (Edited by Jay Mazo, International Gita Society) Contents . Mahabharata [C. Rajagopalachari] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. OVER MILLION COPIES SOLD Originally published in the year. Mahabharata is a mythological book by C. Rajagopalachari. Rajaji considered this book and his Ramayana to be his greatest service to his countrymen.

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A long time ago, two families were to inherit a vast kingdom known as the Kuru Empire.

The five sons of Pandu, called the Pandavas, were brave warriors, mahabharaya of them born with divine blood running through their veins. They were virtuous, examples of humanity at its peak. They were endowed mahabharrata wisdom, patience, strength, knowledge and compassion. Their cousins, the hundred sons of Dhritarashtra, were called the Kauravas. The Kauravas were greedy, always hankering after more wealth. Since neither Pandu nor Dhritarashtra were suited to reign over the kingdom, the throne had to be equally divided between these two families.

However, the Kauravas cheated the Pandavas out of their share and drove them into a long exile.

Mahabharata: C. Rajagopalachari: : Books

They constantly try to kill them throughout their exile, but the Pandavas persist. At long last, they return to claim their rightful inheritance, but the Kauravas are not ready to part with even a portion of the kingdom.

With the stage set, the Pandavas and the Kauravas meet in an epic battle maabharata a field which had already been washed several times over with the blood of warriors. On Kurukshetra, they would fight a mighty war which would leave both sides crippled. And on mahabgarata battlefield, the Blue God, Krishna, explains the righteous duty the Pandavas have to fulfill rajji exterminating their vile cousins. Every known moral lies hidden in the Mahabharata, and it is for this reason that it is considered one of the greatest stories ever composed.


Mahabharata: Buy Mahabharata by C. RAJAGOPALACHARI at Low Price in India |

Chakravarti Rajagopalachari was an Indian statesman, lawyer, independence activist and writer. Certified BuyerBangalore. Certified BuyerCoimbatore. Certified BuyerBhubaneswar. Certified BuyerMumbai. Certified BuyerChennai. Certified BuyerJorhat. Mahabharata English, Paperback, C. Usually delivered in mahabnarata

Summary of the Book A long time ago, two families were to inherit a vast kingdom known as the Kuru Empire. Rajagopalachari Chakravarti Rajagopalachari was an Indian statesman, lawyer, independence activist and writer. Hinduism doctrine and way of life. Add 3 Items to Cart. This was the first book that brought my interest for mahabharata into light. After reading this book i felt the urge to read the original Mahabharata.

And i started reading the original Rajani. Beautifully written by Rajagopalachari. Will make u laugh, cry, angry, happy, sad etc. Damodar Shenoy 10 Nov, The book by CR is a classic I purchased it for my daughter so that she can know Mahabharat in the form of short stories as written by C R.

Very good for giving childeren a glimpse of the mythological epic. Nice packaging, delivery on time And the book is quite good. The best thing about this book is it is in chapters of few pages each. So you can read any part of the epic easily. I think this is the best way to read big stories. As a Kid I have heard stories of Mahabharat from my mom and also I mahabhadata read the book partially in local language.

Mhabharata I know what am going raiaji say. The book is short and can hold your interest. Good if you are reading Mahabharat for first time. Will help you in getting the zest of the story. Many important facts are eliminated. Many stories are half told. So basically its not lying, but hiding the truth That’s it. If you are entirely new to Mahabharat and think the one in ST An interesting piece to read, especially if mahabhrata is interested in the Mahabharata. However, I’d not suggest that someone who is already familiar with the story read this.


As someone who is quite familiar with the story, I’d been looking for different perspectives of the same, highlighting the greyness of each of the characters and not a mere retelling.

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For anyone looking for the same, I’d suggest “Kar I read the content and reviews for this book and ordered a copy for my son 6 yr old. But to my dismay, the book is totally verbose and not suitable for children as it did not have any illustrations which could entice the children to read.

Worst part – no where it was mentioned that it is Mahavharata suitable for children. I tried returning the bok to Flipkart but the request was turned down saying that retailer does not allow this. This is NOT a good way to treat the customers. Flipkart Customer 11 Sep, Rajaji is a legend. Also great service from flipkart. Can this book be read mhaabharata a 6 year old? The book is quite voluminous for a 6 year old Plus there are no pictures or Illustrations to entice a child.

It can be “Read Out” to a 6 year old child and is the best re-telling of Mahabharataever. Didn’t get the right answer you were looking for Post your question. Safe and Secure Payments.