Lumper. It’s not a four-letter-word, but to many in logistics, lumper fees are often times viewed in a negative light. A lumper charge is a fee. need to use an outside company for loading or unloading for any reason. Make sure dispatch is aware if you need to pay a lumper fee. • Always obtain a receipt. I’m not a new driver but i’m sort of new to this lumper paying thing. To make a long story short. I lost my lumper receipt. It’s payroll deductable. If.

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It says carriers should have the option to unload their own trucks, and if they are not given the option without being compensated for the lumper fee by the shipper or the receiver, then the law has been violated. They said they have no record of it. Scan it but don’t make a paper copy! A lumper service is a mandatory fee charged to a driver or carrier in order The other problem: Hopefully you learned to CYA with a copy of every piece of paper that crosses your fingers!

I’ve had a computer in the truck since the late 90’s with a scanner and printer. Fraud by drivers creating false lumper receipts. Tax deduct them as you’re using them for your job even as a company driver! A lumper charge is a fee charged to the carrier when a shipper utilizes third-party workers to help load or unload the trailer contents.

BoDarville01May 13, I’ve had some problems with something missing and they would have a copy faxed at the next truck stop! Some receivers outsource to lumping services that are independent of their core business, especially in the grocery distribution business.

There was one company in Olathe KS that had this irritating habit of making things they either didn’t want to pay right then or were so stupid that it disappeared off the person who opened the trip paks desk as if by magic! Don’t even put it in your 3 ring log book binder pockets! Best way to get a copy is to call up again, have a fax avaliable and tell them you need to verify your drivers lumper reciept and ask them to fax it to you.


LOL Yeah those “lines” can de fine some things!


Even on the fuel island unless you had to go pee, stand in line at the Subway or buy 2 bags worth of snacks or in other words it took you longer in side than the next guy behind you took to fuel and is waiting for you to move! May 9, 2. If you are a shipper and would like a freight quote, click here.

Murphy’s law says it luper disappear lumper receipt put anywhere but in an envelope! This really good advise no matter the line of work your in.

May 10, 4. At any given time lumper receipt shipper could add a few stops rsceipt one trailer for multiple deliveries with specific appointment drop times.

In order to keep their drivers well rested and ready for the road, trucking companies will choose to pay lumpers to unload freight rather than have their drivers expend energy or risk injury doing so. However, if the truck drivers decide against using lumpersthey could find themselves trying to unload with hand-jacks and possibly taking additional time to learn their way around a new warehouse.

Your username or email address: The lumper fees could start at forty dollars, and increase to upwards of five lumper receipt dollars with no real justification.

Of course there are the given Have Too pay fors, there are the This Company Payd this but not that, and the occasional Generous we’ll atke care that even though we don’t usually.


Lumper Receipt Template Awesome Bestrehabcentersub | Simple Template and Forms

You don’t need that much crapola in the truck such as a filing cabinet! It is the job of that 3PL to schedule those appointments, lu,per when a driver gets held lumper receipt with lumper payments ulmper one receiving dock, it creates a domino effect where every single stop after that will have to be rescheduled.

Paying Driver Many trucking companies do not want their drivers unloading freight unless it is part of their normal job duties. This is where the driver will pick up a load and then deliver it to the receiver or consignee.

Why the negative light?

I loved my printer scanner! If you have that laptop then get a travel scanner or a scanner printer. May 9, 3.

May 13, 5. Make sure you subscribe to receive the latest updates.

Lumper receipt question

Aug 12, 6. There is a line but it’s not all that fine! I travel quite often for the work I do, and you would be amazed at what 1 compnay will pay for that another won’t.

Or if you couldn’t get the replacement receipt from the lumper service, then chalk it up to experience and kiss it good by! Another thing with any receipt is get yourself into a pattern! Aug 16, 7. Do it the same way every time! It’s a steep learning curve in trucking. Draft saved Draft deleted.

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