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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want cooperr Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Initiate by Louise Iniciaeo. The Seven Gods of Order had ruled unchallenged for an aeon, served by the Adepts of the Circle in their bleak Inickado stronghold. But for Tarod — the most enigmatic and formidable sorcerer in the Circle’s ranks coooper a darker affinity had begun to call.

Threatening his beliefs, even his sanity, it rose unbidden from beyond Time; an ancient and deadly adversary that could plung The Seven Gods of Order had ruled unchallenged for an aeon, served by the Adepts of the Circle in their bleak Northern stronghold.

Threatening his beliefs, even his sanity, it rose unbidden from beyond Time; an ancient and deadly adversary that could plunge the world into madness and chaos — and whose power rivalled that even of the Gods themselves.

And though Tarod’s mind and heart were pledged to Order, his soul was another matter Paperbackpages. Published November 11th by Tor Books first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Initiateplease sign up. Lists with This Book. The fantasy world lost one of its brilliant lights, Louise Cooper, last year. I’ve been an old fan of hers from the lojise I spied the classic Robert Gould cover and after all these years, this tale of clashing dualities, of love and loyalty remains a very special place in my heart. Tarod and Cyllan will always be one of cooepr favorite romantic couples.

The Initiate introduces us to a world where Order rules over Chaos after having been vanquished in a titanic battle which reshaped the land. The sev The fantasy world lost one of its brilliant lights, Louise Coope, last year.

The seven gods of Order, led iiciado Aeoris, keep a tight grip upon their control and their believers. But to borrow a quote from Princess Leia “the more you tighten your grip, the more star systems in this case people will slip through your fingers”.

Iniciado, El (el Señor Del Tiempo I)

Into this eternal battle for supremacy comes Tarod, a dark-haired outcast with a power he does not understand. During an innocent game, he accidentally uses this power against his cousin, killing him instantly and arousing the wrath of the populace who chase Tarod through the streets and right into a warp storm.

A warp storm is thought to be the last vestige of power of Chaos and inuciado belief is one who is taken by a warp is never seen again. Tarod finds himself at The Star Peninisula, a mysterious spot of land magically cut off from the rest of the continent, he is taken in as an Initiate by Aeoris’ group of acolytes known as The Circle, a place where Tarod finally feels he belongs.

Thus sets in motion events which will have shattering reprecussions not just for Tarod, but for everyone he knows and loves. As Tarod begins to discover the dark secret behind his oouise, he must also face treachery from those he considered iniciao and even a lover. He also discovers the unwavering loyalty of Cyllan, a peasant loiise with unusual amber cpoper, whom he befriends at inixiado a celebration at The Star Peninsula.


My copies of all iniviado books are dog-eared from the many times I’ve returned to this world. It never feels dated, and the deeper message about the dangers of any sort of religious orthodoxy is one that no one should ignore. It should be all about the Balance. Hala, un besico, hermoso. View all 5 comments. Jan 08, Alytha rated it did not like it.

Contains spoilers For thousands of years, the Lords of Chaos ruled the world, but then the seven gods of Order took over in a bloody warand have ruled unchallenged for a couple of centuries, represented by a circle of sorcerers, the Initiates. Thirteen year old Tarod, already an outcast in his iniciafo due to his unknown father, is in deep trouble after having accidentally killed his cousin by magic, a talent of which he never knew before.

About to oniciado tried for murder, he escapes an The plot: About to be tried for murder, he escapes and runs out into a magic storm, which somehow transports him across the continent.

He saves a group of travellers by blasting some bandits. The travellers turn lojise to be Initiates and members of a connected Sisterhood, and they take the boy to the castle of the Circle.

Ten years later, Tarod is an Initiate of the seventh rank, the first one in hundreds of years, which causes some jealousy among the Circle. At some point, he starts having bad dreams, where a voice starts telling him to come back. In an effort to find out what is happening, he does a ritual, and accidentally summons a man who looks like his negative image, and who is clearly more than human.

Tarod takes an overdose of a narcotic plant, and almost dies. The mysterious man, who calls himself Yandros, proposed to save his life in exchange for another life.

Tarod agrees, and the next day, the High Initiate, the father of his best friend is dead, which makes him realise that Ek is inicuado really a nice trustworthy guy. At the festivities for the inthronisation of the new High Initiate, his friend Keridil, he meets the socialite and novice Sister Sashka, and they fall in love. When she leaves to prepare the wedding, the bad dreams return. With Keridil and his surrogate mother Themila, Tarod attempts a ritual.

Yandros appears and reveals that Tarod is not actually human, but a Lord of Chaos. Although he uses his powers to banish Yandros, the others don’t feel so thrilled about this. A Council meeting is called to decide Tarod’s fate. An old rival provokes a confrontation, and Themila is killed accidentally. In revenge, Tarod murders her killer, his coopfr rival, which in turn makes Keridil turn against coopper, and attemot an assassination, which, predictably, backfires.

Tarod escapes and rides off to find Sashka, hoping that she would go into exile with him. However, Sashka, having been informed by letter about what happened, also betrays him, and Tarod is carted back to the castle to be executed.

He managed to escape through several planes of existence, and eventually stops time itself. End of volume one. What to say about this book I found it really hard to emotionally connect with Tarod, as all the events which inuciado him loiuse his personality, like his sorcerer training and his courtship with Sashka, happen in a line of stars between two chapters.

So, although you are told that he’s generally a nice, easy-going guy and good friend, all you actually see about his emotions is either rage or self-pity. I had a hard time caring about him. It also made the love story pretty unbelievable. The morality of the main characters is pretty weird, and I’m not too sure about the author’s opinion on this. Here, the chaotic characters appear, if not nicer, at least more honorable and loyal than the “good” ones. Keridil and Sashka are nominally good, but don’t have the slightest concept of honour.


It takes Keridil all of 10 seconds to decide between friendship to Tarod and his duties to the Circle, and the chance to get into Sashka’s pants.

Even worse, he doesn’t even have the guts to tell Tarod, but pretends to be his friend while at the same time despatching two assassins towards him. Sashka does pretty much the same, spineless socialite hypocrite bitch that she is. They’re the perfect match really, and no loulse will have many happy spineless children.

Worst of all, this behaviour seems to be accepted as perfectly normal and acceptable by most people in the Circle and the Sisterhood, except by the herbalist, who is herself despised by a lot of people.

Iniciado, El (el Señor Del Tiempo I) : Louise Cooper :

To be fair, Tarod’s murderous revenge spree was not really the most intelligent thing to do in that situation, and to convince people of his innocence, but the reaction of e Circle is really injciado good and evil.

The style made it quite hard to get into the book. The point of view shifts randomly, often from one line to the next within a chapter, which can be quite confusing, and breaks up the flow of the narrative.

The style is very serious, which often makes it appear pompous. I don’t know if bone-serious fantasy has ever worked for me. Even classic like The Lord of the Rings have lighter passages.


The Initiate

So all in all, I’m not really thrilled. The only thing that speaks for this series is the unusual interpretation of good and bad, and I’m not even sure if this is intentional. As I have the other two books of the trilogy, I’ll probably read them at some point. I have some faint hopes that things might move easier now that the cards are on the table. Es imposible resumir todo lo que me ha provocado este libro. The first novel in Louise Cooper’s iniciaddo high fantasy series, in which the standard dualistic worldview of the genre is subjected to a penetrating and surprisingly nuanced critique.

Consider this a review of the entire trilogy.

Cooper’s world may seem at times somewhat narrow, but I would argue that she deliberately limits the colors on her palette in order to sharpen the central conflict. After all, it is not necessary to see the world in dualistic terms, and so in order to be plausible it r The first novel in Louise Cooper’s neglected high fantasy series, in which the standard dualistic worldview of the genre is subjected to a penetrating and surprisingly nuanced critique.

After all, it is not necessary to see the world in dualistic terms, and so in order to be plausible it requires a world in some ways narrower than our own, despite its supernatural elements. Where Cooper truly shines is in her ability to articulate her characters’ motives, whichever side they are on. A satisfying, page-turning read. Nov 24, Anali rated it it was amazing.

Y ni se diga de Keridil. Espero que ahora el abra los ojos porque estoy muy entusiasmada por saber en que sigue su aventura. Jun 04, Alaiel Kreuz rated it liked it Shelves: Somebody gave me the whole trilogy when I was 12 and, since I didn’t like the covers to much the Spanish covers, that is I didn’t pay attention to the books for more than a year.

What a waste of time