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John Daniel Kraus He was born on 28 June in Ann Arbor, Michigan. During the s at Michigan, he was involved in physics projects, antenna consulting, and in atomic-particle-accelerator research using the University of Michigan’s premier cyclotron.

Throughout the late xias and the s, John was an avid radio amateur with call sign W8JK. He was back on the air in the s. He developed many widely used innovative antennas. The “8JK closely spaced array” and the “corner reflector” were among his early designs. Armstrong wrote John in July indicating in part, “I have read with interest your article in the Proceedings of the Institute on the corner reflector Please let me congratulate you on a very fine piece of work.

Navy responsible for “degaussing” the electromagnetic fields of steel ships to make them safe from magnetic mines. He received the U. Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award for his war work.

Even so, he never retired. Kraus representation of a damped harmonic oscillator and its application. By definition, the Kraus representation of a harmonic oscillator suffering from the environment effect, modeled as the amplitude damping or the phase damping, is directly given by a simple operator algebra solution.

As karrl and applications, we first give a Kraus representation of a single qubit whose computational basis states are defined as bosonic vacuum and single particle number states.

We further discuss the environment effect on qubits whose computational basis states are defined as the bosonic odd and even coherent states. The environment effects on entangled qubits defined by two different kinds of computational basis are compared with the use of fidelity. Kraus -Weber test, low back pain, muscle flexibility, muscle strength. Occurrence of substance P-like immunoreactive nerve fibers in Krause corpuscles of the dog’s tongue.

VIAF ID: 3326514 (Personal)

Substance P-like immunoreactive SPLI nerve fibers were demonstrated in the Krause corpuscles of the dog’s tongue using the indirect immunofluorescence method and cholinesterase histochemistry. SPLI nerve humanifad were often in contact with Krause end bulbs and occasionally entered them. From this result it was suggested that substance P might be involved in sensory mechanism of the Krause apparatus.

Kommenteerivad Ivar Tallo ja Margus Leivo. Savisaare majatehing; Tehing; Savisaarel teine majaskandaal. Hannes KrauseJaanus Piirsalu. Model and simulation of Krause model in dynamic open network.

The construction of the concept of evolution is an effective way to reveal the formation of group consensus. This study is based on the modeling paradigm of the HK model Hegsekmann- Krause. This paper analyzes the evolution of multi – agent opinion in dynamic open networks with member mobility.

The results of the simulation show that when the number of agents is constant, the interval distribution of the initial distribution will affect the number of the final view, The greater the distribution of opinions, the more the number of views formed eventually; The trust threshold has a decisive effect on the number of views, and there is a negative correlation between the trust threshold and the number of opinions clusters.


The higher the connectivity of the initial activity group, the more easily the subjective opinion in the evolution of opinion to achieve rapid convergence. The more open the network is more conducive to the unity of view, increase and reduce the number of agents will not affect the consistency of the group effect, but not conducive to stability. Continued-fraction representation of the Kraus map for non-Markovian reservoir damping. Quantum dissipation is studied for a discrete system that linearly interacts with a reservoir of harmonic oscillators at thermal equilibrium.

Initial correlations between system and reservoir are assumed to be absent. The dissipative dynamics as determined by the unitary evolution of system and reservoir is described by a Kraus map consisting of an infinite number of matrices.

For all Laplace-transformed Kraus matrices exact solutions are constructed in uptimos of continued fractions that diax on the pair correlation functions of the reservoir. By performing factorizations in the Kraus map a perturbation theory is set up that conserves in arbitrary perturbative order both positivity and probability of the density matrix. The latter is determined by an integral equation for a bitemporal matrix and a finite hierarchy for Kraus matrices.

In the lowest perturbative order this hierarchy reduces to one equation for one Kraus matrix. Its solution is given by a continued fraction of a much simpler structure as compared to the non-perturbative case.

In the lowest perturbative order our non-Markovian evolution equations are applied to the damped Jaynes—Cummings model. From the solution for the atomic density matrix it is found that the atom may remain in the state of maximum entropy for a significant time span that depends on the initial energy of the radiation field.

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Kraus operator solutions to a fermionic master equation describing a thermal bath and their matrix representation. We solve the fermionic master equation for a thermal bath to obtain its explicit Kraus operator solutions via the fermionic state approach.

The normalization condition of the Kraus operators is proved. The matrix representation for these solutions is obtained, which is incongruous with the result in the book completed by Nielsen and Chuang [Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, Cambridge University Press, ].

As especial cases, we also present the Kraus operator solutions to master equations for describing the amplitude-decay model and the diffusion process at finite temperature.

Kraus Operators for a Pair of Interacting Qubits: The Kraus form of the completely positive dynamical maps is appealing from the mathematical and the point of the diverse applications of the open quantum systems theory. Unfortunately, the Kraus operators are poorly known for the two-qubit processes.

In this paper, we derive the Kraus operators for a pair of interacting qubits, while the strength of the interaction is arbitrary. One of the qubits is subjected to the x-projection spin measurement.

The obtained results are applied to calculate the dynamics of the entanglement in the qubits system. We obtain the loss of the correlations in the finite time interval; the stronger the inter-qubit interaction, the longer lasting entanglement in the system. Karl Kraus e la guerra. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Karl Kraus and the War. Between and the end of the war, Karl Krausan Austrian intellectual who had made political satire and criticism of journalistic language, engages in a fierce battle against the inhumanity and cruelty of war.

On the pages of Fackel, a magazine published by him for over thirty years, from tohe gathers many texts that then come together in the tragedy of the Last Days of Mankind, a great work, dripping horror, which seeks to represent the unrepresentable. Kraus map for non-Markovian quantum dynamics driven by a thermal reservoir. Starting from unitary dynamics we study the evolution in time of a non-relativistic quantum system that exchanges energy with a thermal reservoir of harmonic oscillators.


System and reservoir are assumed to be initially decorrelated. Reservoir correlation functions are factorized by means of a Kraus. Ultrastructural relationships between the receptor nerve fiber and surrounding lamellae in Krause end-bulbs.

The ultrastructural relationship between the receptor nerve fiber and the surrounding lamellae in Krause end-bulbs was discussed. Many sites of specialized junctions of symmetrical or asymmetrical type along the receptor nerve fiber and the surrounding lamellae were found. In addition, in close vicinity to them, spine-like digitations of the receptor nerve fiber, filled mainly with small clear vesicles, were observed.

Mitochondrion-like cholinesterase-positive structures bulging in some cytoplasmic lamellae were also found. It is mraus that a functional link might exist between the specialized junctions, digitations and mitochrondrion-like structures in the transformation of external mechanical stimuli into nerve impulses.

Sophie or The New Woman. This paper works about the Krause ‘s ideas both dialectics and women’s place. On dialectics the author analyzes the peculiarity of Krausist dialectics showing the author’s effort to conceive the antinomies of dialectics in a softer way.

Krause doesn’t have any trust in the synthetics moments krais he proposes a dual dialectic of complementarities. The study includes considerations about the philosophy of right and dialectics in the works of KrauseHegel and Marx. On women’s place, Krause thinks that the State ought to be of a. Eestil pole vaja karta mingit ohtu. Adaptive recurrence quantum entanglement distillation for two- Kraus -operator channels. Quantum entanglement serves as a valuable resource for many important quantum operations.

A pair of entangled qubits can be shared between two agents by first preparing a maximally entangled qubit pair at one agent, and then sending one of the qubits to the other agent through a quantum channel.

In this process, the deterioration of entanglement is inevitable since the noise inherent in the channel contaminates the qubit. To address this challenge, various quantum entanglement distillation QED algorithms have been developed. Among them, recurrence algorithms have advantages in terms of implementability and robustness. However, the efficiency of recurrence QED algorithms has not been investigated thoroughly in the literature. This paper puts forth xias recurrence QED algorithms that adapt to the quantum channel to tackle the efficiency issue.

krais The proposed algorithms have guaranteed convergence for quantum channels with two Kraus operators, which include phase-damping and amplitude-damping channels. Analytical results show that the convergence speed of these algorithms is improved from linear to quadratic and one of the algorithms achieves the optimal speed.

Numerical results confirm that the proposed algorithms significantly improve the efficiency of QED. Tegevus toimub Eestis Eesti Kirjanduse Selts, Katrin Kivimaa artiklist “Teise tootmine – Ida-Euroopa ja feminism”. See on ainult film: Mis te Indyga teete?

AJ – Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision. Krause araceae e Vatairea guianensis aubl. Krause Araceae and Vatairea guianensis Aubl. This work describes the chemical study of two medicinal plants of the Amazon Philodendron scabrum K.

Essential oils composition from stems of Philodendron scabrum K.