LM datasheet, LM circuit, LM data sheet: NSC – Audio Power Amplifier Series Stereo 60W, Mono W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute. LM datasheet, LM circuit, LM data sheet: TI1 – Audio Power Amplifier Series Stereo 60W, Mono W Audio Power Amplifier,alldatasheet. LM Overture Audio Power Amplifier Series Stereo 60W, Mono W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute The LM is a stereo audio amplifier capable of.

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The LM is a stereo audio amplifier capable of typically.

SPiKe provides a dynamically optimized Safe Operat. SPiKe protection completely safeguards the. LM’s outputs against over-voltage, under-voltage, over. Low external component count. Each amplifier of the LM has an independent smooth. The LM can easily be configured for bridge or parallel. Typical Audio Amplifier Application Circuit.

Plastic Package Note U – Wafer Fab Code. Z – Assemble Plant Code. XY – Date Code. TT – Die Run Traceability. TA Package 10 seconds. Distributors for availability and specifications. Operating Ratings Notes 1, 2. Common Mode Input Voltage. V or V and.

Differential Input Voltage Note Operation is guaranteed up to 84V; however, distor. Power Dissipation Note 3. ESD Susceptability Note 4. ESD Susceptability Note 5. Refer to the Thermal Considerations section for more. Datashwet Characteristics Notes 1, 2. Note 6 Notes 7, 8. Power Supply Voltage Note. Channel Separation Note Power Supply Rejection Ratio. Open Loop Voltage Gain.

LM4780 Gainclone

All voltages are measured with respect ratasheet the ground pins, unless otherwise specified. Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage to the device dtasheet occur. Operating Ratings indicate conditions for which the device is.

Electrical Characteristics state DC and AC electrical specifications under particular test conditions which. This assumes that the device is within the Operating Ratings. Specifications are not guaranteed for parameters where no limit. Refer to the Thermal Considerations section for more information.


Human body model, pF discharged through a 1. Typical specifications are measured at 25? C and represent the parametric norm.

The maximum operating junction temperature is ? However, the instantaneous Safe Operating Area temperature is ? V – must have at least – 9V at its pin with reference to GND in order for the under-voltage protection circuitry to be disabled. In addition, the voltage.

Cross talk performance was measured using the demo board shown in the datasheet. PCB layout will affect cross lk4780. It is recommended that input and. Return ground traces from outputs should be independent back to a single ground point and use as.

The output dropout voltage is defined as the supply voltage minus the clipping voltage. Refer to the Clipping Voltage vs. Supply Voltage graph in the. Typical Performance Characteristics section. The Datzsheet is a non-isolated package. The package’s metal back, and any heat sink to which it is mounted are connected to the V – potential when using. Bridged Amplifier Application Circuit. Parallel Amplifier Application Circuit. Single Supply Application Circuit. Single Supply Amplifier Application Circuit.

Auxiliary Amplifier Application Circuit. Special Audio Daasheet Application Circuit. Prevents current from entering the amplifier’s non-inverting input. This current may pass through to the load. Along with R fdwtasheet AC gain. Datashheet with R isets AC gain. Works with Cf and Rf creating a lowpass lm4870 that lowers AC gain at high. The -3dB point of the pole occurs when: Non-Inverting lm478 shown in Figure 5.

Works with R f and R f2 to reduce AC gain at higher frequencies. Reduces the gain at higher frequencies to avoid quasi-saturation oscillations of the. Also suppresses external electromagnetic switching noise created from fluorescent lamps. Feedback capacitor which ensures unity gain at DC. Provides power datashfet filtering and bypassing. Refer to the Supply Bypassing application section for proper. Acts as a volume control by setting the input voltage level. Also works with C IN to. If the value of R IN is too large, oscillations may be observed on.

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Refer to Figure 5. Prevents the input signal’s DC offsets from being passed onto the amplifier’s inputs. Works with C SN to stabilize the output stage by creating a pole that reduces high frequency instabilities. Works with R SN to stabilize the output stage by creating a pole that reduces high frequency instabilities. Provides high impedance at high frequencies so that R may decouple a highly capacitive load and reduce. Also provides a low impedance at low frequencies to short out R and.

Provides DC voltage biasing for the transistor Q1 in single supply operation. Provides bias filtering for single supply operation.

Limits the voltage difference between the amplifier’s inputs for single supply operation. Refer to the Clicks. Provides input bias current for single supply operation. Refer to the Clicks and Pops application section for. Establishes a fixed DC current for the transistor Q1 in xatasheet supply operation.

This resistor stabilizes the. Mute resistance set up to allow 0.

LM Datasheet(PDF) – National Semiconductor (TI)

Refer to the Mute Attenuation vs Mute. Current curves in the Typical Performance Characteristics section. Mute capacitance set up to create a large time constant datasheeh turn-on and turn-off muting.

When open or switched to GND, the amplifier will be in mute mode. Reduces current flow between outputs that are caused by Gain or DC offset differences between the. Optional components dependent upon specific design requirements. These two components are low imped. They may couple signals from.