Models: WAGN, WAGN v2, WAGN While reading through the User Guide you may see . or red (WAGN v2 and WAGN) if a POST. View and Download Linksys WAGN user manual online. CISCO Wireless-N ADSL2+ Gateway. WAGN Network Router pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Cisco Linksys WAGN. We have 1 Cisco Linksys WAGN manual available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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Below is a description of these icons: This check mark indicates that there is a note of interest and is guixe that you should pay special attention to while using the product. This exclamation point indicates that there is a caution or warning and it is something that could damage your property or product. This globe icon indicates a noteworthy website address or e-mail address.

Linksys WAG160N User Manual

Online Resources Website addresses in this document are listed without http: If you use an older web browser, you may have to add http: Resource Website Linksys www. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Product Overview 1 Front Panel.

Troubleshooting 26 Appendix B: Specifications 27 Appendix C: The Gateway lets you access the Internet via a wireless connection or through one of its four switched ports. You can also use the Gateway to share resources such as computers, printers and files.

A variety of security features help to protect your data and your privacy while online. Configuring the Gateway is easy using the provided browser-based utility. It flashes to indicate network activity over the Internet port.

If the LED is continuously lit, the Gateway is successfully connected to a linkays through that port. It flashes to indicate network activity over that port. Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a feature that makes it easy to configure your wireless network and its security settings.

It flashes when the Gateway is actively sending or receiving data over the network. Wireless Security Checklist Wireless networks huide convenient and easy to install, so homes with high-speed Internet access are adopting them at a rapid pace.

Because wireless networking operates by sending information over radio waves, it liksys be more vulnerable to intruders than a traditional wired network. Like signals from your cellular or cordless phones, signals from your wireless network can also be intercepted. Since you cannot physically prevent someone from connecting to your wireless network, you need to take some additional steps to keep your network secure.

This is the name of your wireless network, and can be up to 32 characters in length. Linksys wireless products use linksys as the default wireless network name. You should change the wireless network name to something unique to distinguish your wireless network from other wireless networks that may exist around you, but do not use personal information such as your Social Security number because this information may be available for anyone to see when browsing for wireless networks.


Change the default password For wireless products such as access points, routers, and gateways, you will be asked for a password when you want to change their liinksys. These devices have a default password set by the factory. The Linksys default password is admin. Liinksys know these defaults and may try to linkshs them to access your wireless device and change your network settings.

The MAC address is a unique series of numbers and letters assigned to every networking device. With MAC address filtering enabled, wireless network access is provided solely for wireless devices with specific MAC addresses. For example, you can specify the MAC address of each llinksys in your home so that only those computers can access your wireless network.

Enable encryption Encryption protects data transmitted over a wireless network. To protect the information as it passes over the airwaves, you should enable the highest level of encryption supported by your network equipment. WEP is an older encryption standard and may be the only option available on some older devices that do not support WPA. General Network Security Guidelines Wireless network security is useless if the underlying network is not secure.

Combine letters and numbers to avoid using standard words that can be found in the dictionary. For guidw information on wireless security, visit www. To avoid interference, you usre need to place a microfilter or splitter between the phone cable and wall jack.

Contact your ISP to determine if one is required. UK residents need to connect the microfilter to linskys wall phone jack with ADSL service and then connect one end of the provided phone cable to the DSL port on it.


If you have more than one phone and you experience static on the line after installing the Gateway, then you need to install an additional microfilter for each phone or fax that you use. If you use ISDN, then you do not need a microfilter. Make sure that all the devices that you are working with are powered down, including your computer s and the Gateway.

If you have a modem connected to your network, disconnect it. The Gateway replaces your modem. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to one of the Ethernet ports on the back of the Gateway. Connect the Power 7. Power on the computer that you want to use to configure the Gateway. Connect the Computer 3. Repeat step 2 for every computer or device that you want to connect to the Gateway via Ethernet.

If you connect more than four computers to the Gateway, you also need to connect a switch to the Gateway.

Connect one end of the phone cable to the DSL port on the back of the Gateway. If not, make sure the Gateway is powered on and the cables are securely connected. Use the setup information provided by your ISP. Connect the DSL 5. Connect the other end of the phone cable to wag60n wall jack with ADSL service or microfilter.

You can access the utility via a web browser on a computer connected to the Gateway. The web-based utility has these main tabs: Additional tabs will be available after you click one of the main tabs. If you want to configure advanced settings, use this chapter. A login screen appears. Use the default user name and password, admin, unless you have changed them during the Setup Wizard.


Click OK to continue. Gateway Login If you are unable to log in, press the Reset button on the back panel for at least 5 seconds, then wait for the device to reset and try again. Most of this information can be obtained through your ISP. Each Basic Setup screen and available features will differ depending on which encapsulation method you select. These are the available methods: Enter the rate in the field if required by your service provider.

Enter the settings provided by your ISP.

Cisco Linksys WAG160N Manuals

Contact your ISP if you are not sure which mode to use. If your Internet connection has been terminated due to inactivity, Connect on Demand enables the Gateway to automatically re-establish your connection wa160n soon as you attempt to access the Internet again. To use this option, select Connect on Demand. In the Max Idle Time field, enter the number of minutes you want to have elapsed before your Internet connection terminates. The default Max Idle Time is 5 minutes.

If you are disconnected, then the Gateway will automatically re-establish your connection. To use this option, select Keep Alive. In the Redial Period field, specify how often you want the Gateway to check the Internet connection. The default Redial Period is 30 seconds. New Zealand, follow 1. Select Waf160n for Multiplexing. Follow the instructions for your type of encapsulation.

If they do, you will have to enable PPPoA.

Cisco Linksys WAGN User guide |

If they do, you will have to enable PPPoE. In the Redial Period field, you specify how often you want the Gateway to check the Internet connection. At least one is required. Your ISP provides the settings needed for the following fields: All NAT and routing settings are disabled in this mode. Wireless setup is performed through the Wireless tab. In most cases, keeping the default values will work. Some of these settings may be required by your ISP. Verify with your ISP before making any changes.

You may have to check with your ISP to see if your broadband Internet service has been configured with a host and domain name. In most cases, leaving these fields blank will work. It specifies the largest packet size permitted for Internet transmission. Select Manual if you want to manually enter the largest packet size that is transmitted. Leave this value in the to range.