Buy Liber Chaotica Complete: Volumes one to five (Warhammer S.) by M. von Staufer (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices . OPISCULUM DAEMONIS. An expository lectures on the followers and rituals of Chaos. by Arkonius in Topics > Books – Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy. Liber Chaotica has 55 ratings and 2 reviews: Published October 1st by Black Library, pages, Hardcover.

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Liber Chaotica by Marijan von Staufer

Set your 40kLore flair via the wondrous Flair Selection Page. Failure to do so may result in investigation by the Inquisition. You have been warned. How is Liber Chaotica?

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Hey folks, libeer of the highest order and lore junkie extraordinaire. I was wondering what everyones opinion on Liber Chaotica is? Im eyeing the one with all 4 tomes plus some Undivided fluff.

Is it worth the price if you’re really into lore? Or better yet, Visions of Heresywhich is new and updated version of the book the guy above me recommends. As that guy who mentioned the Collected VisionsI had no idea that an updated one was released.

Yeah, that’s one of the reasons they’ve made it. I have both so I can tell you that the differences aren’t that big. They’ve just added some new art and plot developments that happened in HH series since it started.

choatica Are both books in the style of Liber Chaotica? Too my understanding, Liber Chaotica reads like the ravings of a man or at least the decent into one? They’re not actual books in the traditional sense, more like a collection of pictures of scraps of Lore?

No, it’s libber description of HH events. I love Liber Chaotica and their background books and am sad that BL doesn’t produce them anymore. These also were written as “books-in-universe”. God The Emperor’s see what I did there? Applause please armour looks great, especially in those official covers. Also is it worth the price?

The artwork and descriptions are spot on, but it’s mostly from the Fantasy franchise with a small amount of stuff from 40k. I appreciate and am an avid fan of both settings, I know the Primordial Evils aren’t supposed tl be exactly the same as in the 40k setting but I enjoy the parrellels. Understood, I appreciate both settings so any good, physical fluff I can get my hands on, that are cuaotica these pieces, I will covet until they are mine!


Saw those on amazon along with Liber Chaotica. I intend getting those as well, I just favour the Eldritch more at the moment haha. Is there no 40k equivelent to books such Liber Chaotica and those you mentioned? I know it was also mentioned about cbaotica Horus Heresy ones but I’m not all that into 30k right now, unfortuneatly.

No, there aren’t equivalents for 40k. The last two have been on the tip of my tongue forever! Like, I know the Primer is standard issue for all guardsmen but whenever I see the chaogica they just never registered as physical books in my mind haha. How do they hold up? Though they’re not as awesome as those mentioned before.

I hope BL makes more of such books. I would love something like that about Liver Titanica.

That’d make me so happy. Knight house, Titan Legions, and vhaotica inner most workings of the Adeltus mechanicus, written in universe would be awesome!

Even if its lliber a bunch of Technobabble that doesnt exactly make sense and not just a bunch of Binary like that joke book BL had would be wonderful to me. One man operated walking death machines with knightly chivalry as their whole shtick is something I can get behind. It’s great but it becomes increasingly difficult to read as it goes on.

The Tzeentch book is more an art piece than coherent prose. I heard about the Tzeentch bits. Theres supposed to be a page that is identical to another just mirrored and with different texts right?

Yeah, the book is written from the perspective of a scribe of the Empire, whose going increasingly crazy as the book goes on, the later chapters can get a bit weird. Glad to hear you enjoy it! Shame what 40k seems to be doing to Slaanesh I’d rather they just rebrand her as a more artsy fartsy warrior god than completely shelve him just because they have a weird taboo on sex. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


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Scribe’s Wild, terribly heretical, Ride! Glory to the Dark Prince! Too bad my copy got stolen.