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A, 39; Plum- ley v. Massachusetts, U. S. , 39 L. ed. Lurman, N. Y. , 98 Am. St. Rep. , 63 N. E. , U. S. , 48 L. ed. 06 30, , 98 Northern Pacific Terminal Co. of Oreg . 99, 18 (4) 0! . 98 Pickering Va ley R. R. Co . ‘1. 37 35 Lang-ley & Jeynes, collections 18 W. H. Henderson, collections 72 T. G. Whittaker, collections 98 T. G. Whittaker, collections

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Fl 81 50 If N it S2 ldy 79 If II It it SI 40 45 It It it CBK 83 18 tl It n S2 99 82 n It it Fl 98 32 n It tt SIC3 63 37 n tt it Le 38 79 it tl tt S2 02 28 n fl tt C53 SI 19 65 ii tt it S2 77 it tl it COX 17 73 it It It S2 85 97 ii ft It SI 67 16 3329-98 tt If 329-9.


SI 45 97 tt n It SC2 98 14 tt tt It SI 53 01 it it It S2FC 43 70 n n It SI 52 17 ii it it N SLUM 18 44 n it n These records include detailed muster rolls listing all personnel assigned to ships, stations, and activities for the U. Navy,as well as reports of changes for sailors transferred to other ships or locations, and those discharged, deserted, hospitalized, missing, or dead.

Passenger lists for nonenlisted personnel are also included.

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Abbott, Irvin E Beck, Earl J Beckstein, Harold G Bell, Eillie E Bentley, George A Bramhall, Paul J Bucci, Frank J Bucher, Ernest J Carter, Eugene A Cheresine, Joseph R Clark, Pleire A Consoli, Lui A Danischefsky, Charles R Denn, Duane J Doctors, Donald H Dowell, Harold E Doyle, William J Drewry, Chester L Dunn, John A English, Foster R Estes, James E Farrington, Charles E Faulk, John E Ficks, Howard A Floerke, Le Roy D Frike, Martin R Gammage, James W Garr, Richard E George, Fred H Gerritz, Alton J Glidewell, Roy A Gordon, Curtis E Hall, Harry C Haas, William C Herbert, Leon M Hilliard, Kenneth J Hilt, John C Hudlow, Bally G Hyde, Warren R Johnson, Gene W Kerns, Donald E Kinlein, Arthur L Koppang, Lester V Lawrence, William G Le Clair, Bernard About this image Publication Title: Muster Rolls of U.


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