Grid setting — also known as strict in-register setting — is something, that should be done for a lot of documents but is not easy using LATEX. Package gridset. If there are differences to scrguide try scrguide. – Ready to use To get documentation run through LaTeX, e.g. at UNIX type: tex. März richtigen scrguide zu KOMA-Script. Seither ist einige Zeit vergangen. LATEX hat sich kaum verändert, die LATEX-Landschaft erheblich.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. When speaking of KOMA-Script most people will refer to its altex scrbookscrreprtscrartcl and perhaps scrlttr2. But not everyone will know, that part of the bundle are also some packages, that can be used with other classes than the KOMA-Script ones.

Let us give here an overview of these packages. Please one answer per package except for packages with very similar functions containing beside the name …. This package makes basic features of KOMA-Script classes available for other classes, so it extends them. It is mainly meant for document writers, but could also be used by package and scrguidf writers. As explicitly stated in documentation this package should not be used together with a KOMA-Script class.

Early or late option selection: Enhancement of draft mode: Provides marks for overful lines also for classes, where this is originally not defined, cf. What does the draft mode change?

Choose any desired fontsize instead of the limited set of standard classes, it is also more flexible than package extsizes. Of course, a scalable font must be loaded, either explicitly or by loading fontenc and having cm-super installed. See also How to specify font size less than 10pt or more than 12pt?

Enhanced text markup opportunities: Supported elements are title and dispositionthat will be only active for title markupall elements for footnotes, dictum and all elements for labeling environment. Commands for interleaf pages: Make the lines of a description item line upalign list of symbols with dash and Description-like environment with fixed labels width already linked above.

Write text with some fixed amount of space from the marginHow can I indent a block of text for a specified amount? Margin notes like with package marginpar. Do not mix up with package marginnote also written by Markus Kohm. Grid setting — also known as strict in-register setting — is something, that should be done for a lot of documents but is not easy using LATEX.


Package gridset helps to get the information needed for grid setting. This may be enough under some circumstances. In other circumstances it may fail.

So gridset is only one more step for grid setting not a complete solution. There are several barcode packages out in the world, but they either need PStricks, or are restricted to EAN barcodes.

Using expl3 was the main reason writing this package. This module provides two new L3 functions for rules. So the user would not longer require to call the index processor on his own. But on the other side Lua hat enough power to process the index itself.

Package luaindex was made to do this. It consists primary of a Lua module: This provides functions to generate a new index or several new indexesadd entries to it and print the index.

But there is a problem with this command: For this it cannot be used e. But there might be other problems The margin note will be placed at the current vertical line. This is not a bug but a feature! Lua script and package aiming to support pastors and priests in setting song and prayer books. Note that at time of writing there is a bug in MiKTeX where only execution of pfarrei.

Lua script from package “pfarrei” not properly executed, probably due to outdated library. But some times more than one index is needed. There are different packages with different solutions and different problems to achieve multiple indices.

Here is one more. Each of these contains the index entries of one index. This splitting can be done with the splitindex program. Provides extended title pages with several predefined styles. Creation of title pages is something most authors should not have to do. But reality is not perfect, so a lot of authors have to do it. So changing from one title page style to another would be very simple.

Nevertheless implementation of a new title page style may be still difficult. But maybe the guys of the title page project would help you. Package scrlfile mostly gives powers to package authors, but a normal user can take advantage of this package as well. Suppose you want to run some code, but only if a special package is loaded. Or maybe you want to prevent to load this package after all.

This can be very helpful, when you want to patch a command provided by a package. More information can be found in the documentation scrguien. Package framed is loaded, but for some reasons you want to replace framed with mdframed. Make ltxdoc class use report as underlying class. You are working with the classes of your university, which loads the packages fontenc and inputenc.


Both with options That should never be done by a class. Suppose you are working with LuaLaTeX, so you don’t need and don’t want to load those packages. You can prevent them from loading completely, as the following MWE shows. There are also command hooks to deal with the main aux-file and macros to store package lists.

Examples can be found in the KOMA-script documentation. The package scrjura is intended for drafting legal documents according to German standards.

The design of the package allows in general writing contracts, verdicts and even a special kind of books we call commentary “Kommentar”. I can recommend the package to German lawyers who negotiate contracts. The package has its own manual scrjura. If somebody would be interested using it for other purposes than contracts, please drop a message at http: Package tocbasic is another package that defines some useful commands not only for package author.

koma-script – A bundle of versatile classes and packages

This defines floating remarkboxes that can be used exactly the same way as figures or tables. Those few lines enable you to set a caption, have a List of Remarks and the latdx space between chapter when using this KOMA-feature.

It works out of the box with hyperrefs autoref mechanism lwtex well. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Using KOMA-Script packages with other classes – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. SE using this package. Detection of even and odd pages: Dicta, aphorisma, slogans for chapters and parts. Enhanced decription list labeling. Simple margin changes with trivlist environment addmargin. Package list links behind package names lead to answers: Please add missing packages, if there are. GS1 does also contain rule-D: There is a lot of other handy stuff for package authors.

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