Digital Morphology account of the earless ‘monitor’ lizard, Lanthanotus borneensis, featuring CT-generated animations of the skull and. The earless monitor lizard (Lanthanotus borneensis). Barely seen since its description in , the species has suddenly become a victim of.

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Digimorph – Lanthanotus borneensis (earless ‘monitor’ lizard)

Find more photos by Google images search: W KalimantanMalaysia Sarawak Type locality: Etymology Named after its distribution on Borneo Indonesia. Taxonomy, Life History, and conservation of giant reptiles in west Kalimantan. Boulenger exhibited a specimen of the Bornean lizard Lanthanotus borneensis]. Catalogue of the lizards in the British Museum Natural History.

Herp Queries With Bill Love: The Earless Monitor

Status of knowledge of the Malaysian herpetofauna. Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Kepong, pp. The Reptiles of the Indo-Australian Archipelago. The earless monitor lizard Lanthanotus borneensis.


A rare earless monitor lizard from Borneo. The extracolumella and tympanic cavity of the “earless” monitor lizard, Lanthanotus borneensis. The systematic position of Lanthanotus and the affinities of the anguinomorphan lizards. Sarawak Museum Journal 10 new ser. The cochlear ducts of Lanthanotus and Anelytropsis with remarks on the familial relationship lathanotus Anelytropsis and Dibamus.

A summary of observations of the earless monitor, Lanthanotus borneensis. Sarawak Museum Journal 24 new ser.

Earless monitor lizard – Wikipedia

On two new genera and species of lizards from South America and Borneo. Lanthanotus and the lanthsnotus lizards: Lanthanotidae in West Kalimantan Indonesian Borneo.

Journal of Threatened Taxa 4 Tweet Please submit feedback about this entry to the curator. Reptarium The Reptile Database. Can you confirm these amateur observations of Lanthanotus borneensis?

Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek. National Center for Biotechnology Information Google images.

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