If you’ve heard the terms SAP and ERP (enterprise resource planning), you may think one is the same as the other. SAP ERP is a term that can. Funkcjonalności · Cennik · Materiały · Zatrudniamy · Ankiety · Książka · Kontakt · English version Jest w pełni zintegrowany z SAP, więc jedno narzędzie zaspokaja wszystkie oczekiwania najwyższego Wayman to nowoczesny, prosty i efektywny system Twój zespół od razu zrozumie wszystkie zasady jego działania. uwzględnimy rozbudowany system stypendiów, gęstą wiązań, alternatyw i wyjaśnień, poszerzaniu zrozumie- Książka omawia zagrożenia dla informacji i e-biznesowych .. przez SAP Nerweaver, jak również zgodna ze SCORM i AICC. CLIX wyposażony jest w standardowe interfejsy HR, ERP oraz.

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Our system has been serving the biggest and most recognized companies from the design and engineering sector for years.


To name but a few:. A design office that wants to be competitive and always ahead needs to implement an ERP solution.

And there is no better program on the market that would understand the particular needs of the design-engineering sector as perfectly as Wayman sap.zdozumie. And in contrast to other programs, Wayman is ready to operate.


And it does exactly what you want it to. All the specific features of this system and each element of it have been designed to meet the real needs of your company. We know exactly how a design office works like, the particular stages, what challenges and risks each of your departments has to take every single day. Wayman is designed to be implemented in one day.

Every line of its sap.zrouzmie code has been tailored for the design sector. Your team will understand all its features and principles at once. From the very beginning they will also feel the difference when it comes to comfort and time savings offered by Wayman. Among other brilliant functionality, Wayman also offers a reporting system tailored to the very specific workload of design studios.

SAP ERP: proven, time-tested on-premise ERP

Edp helps to compare the plan with its executive stages. This way you are not only always up to date on the current situation in your company but are also able to anticipate the future.


Wayman will show you endangered projects beforehand and allow you to take preventative measures. Wayman System has been awarded by the most prestigious organizations in our spa.zrozumie sector. Several juries have independently announced Wayman as the best software for design office management and project management. Do you own a design studio and wonder if the Wayman system could meet your expectations?

Yes, it could, we have no doubts about that.

Wayman software – jedyny ERP dedykowany dla firm sektora projektowo-inżynieryjnego

Moreover, we are confident that it will exceed them by surprising you with noticeable time and money savings from the very beginning. Interested but not convinced yet?

You just need to fill out the form. Within 24 hours we will contact you and introduce you the Wayman system and its benefits for your company.