Kingdoms of Kalamar Fantasy Campaign Setting Well now, here is an. Retrieved ^ “Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Becomes Official Dungeons & Dragons World”. Wizards of the Coast. Kingdoms of Kalamar is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting created setting in the year , and even had a brief 4th edition update.

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For example, each human or humanoid subrace has its own language. Archived from the original on February 11, Each governmental body is fully described with their history of war and peace.

It also described the setting’s secret societies, astrology and calendar. The Kingdoms of Kalamar logo. On Tellene, only the most advanced societies use steel, including plate armor, and can fashion complex siege weapons. Also, hobgoblins are the dominant evil humanoid race, with a pair of mighty and somewhat Asiatic-themed empires, and orcs are feral tribes in the wastelands considered more a persistent nuisance with regular raids on civilized lands than a people.

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This page was last modified on 24 Octoberat May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Tellene is generally divided into several 4r. What races live on Tellene?


Kingdoms of Kalamar

Over 30 different products have been kslamar to support it. Your ad here, right now: Fortunately, these immense deities still lend a minute fraction of their power to clerics that serve them, and all aspects of religion are provided, from holy symbols to clerical raiment to full descriptions of their canons and more.

You see, full-blooded hobgoblins are a widespread civilized race with their own independent kingdoms – which most people consider a great threat. The preview PDF looks pretty cool, I really like the maps. Mythos of the Divine and Worldly detailed the setting’s 43 gods.

Kingdoms of Kalamar – Wikipedia

However, humankind’s historical arrogance means that racial tensions and skirmishes are common, except in certain cosmopolitan cities and along trade routes. This means the names are consistent. Adding to this, KoK’s writers took an unusual approach to mechanically balancing things. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.

Kalamaf may work to guide events, but a creature of flesh and blood can no more perceive them or their plans than an ant can understand the universe, and their statistics cannot be measured in terms of game mechancis. Ruins of ancient empires lie buried beneath burning desert sands, and their stories told in smoky back rooms attract brave ,ingdoms eager for excitement and quick wealth. The Kingdoms of Kalamar is an extensively supported campaign setting, with the campaign setting the history book of all the landsthe Player’s Primer and the Player’s Guide to the Sovereign Lands, plus dozens of supplements and adventures both print and PDF, including a panel Dungeon Master’s Kinydoms, an incredibly detailed and realistic-looking Atlas, Legends of Kalamar tournament downloads, fonts MAC or Windowsand many more products on the way.


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Kingdoms of Kalamar 4th edition campaign setting

Tellene is a planet similar in size to Earth, but with three moons, and a warmer climate. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: I could have sworn they were not going to kingdoma though.

No Elminster’s running around here, fixing all the world’s problems. The time now is What are the Kingdoms of Kalamar? Dueling in Realms of Fantasy. The New World, Part 9: