Kingdoms of Kalamar Fantasy Campaign Setting Well now, here is an. Retrieved ^ “Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Becomes Official Dungeons & Dragons World”. Wizards of the Coast. Kingdoms of Kalamar is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting created setting in the year , and even had a brief 4th edition update.

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Kingdoms of Kalamar

Last edited by Matthew; at Probably trying to cater to the group of people who picked the 4e PHB up and thought “Dragonborn? As it’s a 3e setting, it’s understandable that they’re not incorporating the new player races too much. Looks interesting, anyway – thanks for posting it. I could have sworn they were not going to upgrade though. Doesn’t mean we are changing from 3. Vampire Ninja Death Squirrel by Jacklu.

[4e] Kingdoms of Kalamar

Originally Posted by Jack Mann. I might enjoy the campaign setting, too. Though I go mad, I do so to awaken those who came before and shall once more come again.


I’ve always wanted to try O – maybe now I’ll pick it up. My Red Hand of Doom campaign journal: Part IPart II. Love the Third Amendment? Originally Posted by Sharikov. Kingdoms of Kalamar has always had those as player races, I think. Originally Posted by Matthew. It doesn’t matter what game you’re playing as long as you’re having fun. ,alamar preview PDF looks pretty cool, I really like the maps.

This looks like it might be a very nice pickup.

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. Birdman of the Kingoms of Link’s Hat Spoiler. They have a right to make people jump through hoops for the rubber stamp, other people have the right to say “we don’t need the label, thanks”.

As has been noted, it is system-neutral. Personally, I don’t kaalmar they had to go to 4th edition at all. Any mechanics system will work.

Which is not to say it is all fluff. But that is not why you get the setting.

What you get when you buy Kalamar is something that literally oozes with character and tone and intrigue and plotlines. Come for the maps, stay for the fluff, people. As in, someone pitch it to me in a few sentences. I’m really curious especially since I saw a picture of the 3.


No Elminster’s running around here, fixing all the world’s problems.

Kenzer & Company Kingdoms of Kalamar (d20)

You have realistic situations that require realistic solutions. It’s gritty, tense, deep, detailed, and wonderful. You can still have your magic longsword, but it’s not like other settings where it seems everyone has Glamdring or Durandal. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished!

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