1 keyestudio LN Motor Driver Module; 2 Introduction; 3 Specification; 4 Connection Diagram; 5 Sample Code; 6 Resources; 7 Buy from. Learn how to use the LN motor controller and Arduino with The key to successful stepper motor control is identifying the wires – that is. Double H driver module uses ST LN dual full-bridge driver, an integrated monolithic circuit in a lead Multiwatt and PowerSO

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It can also let us drive two independent DC motors, controlling the speed and direction of each one. Thanks for the tutorial! For the power supply to the Arduino, the motor driver has a built in 5V supply right? Do you know if you have to take off or leave on the jumper for the 5V mode while powering the driver with external source? Have you worked with these models before? I never l2998 with that model, but it seems similar. I suppose you just have finished your project, A look here could help to clarify this point http: When the supply voltage exceeds 16V the power regulator located on the L could heat enough, then you need a separate 5V logic supply.

In that case, you just need to take off the jumper and provide 5V externally. I tried exactly what you said and nothing happens…… hmm…. Wow, thanks so much for the link. I was looking everywhere for a document sheet for kwyes model driver.

Because they just take the pins to 5V. I shall try to hook it up again tonight to see where I when wrong last time. If I only had to connect one stepper motor I would be fine.

BUT, I need to connect three stepper motors.


I started this project 8 months ago. But I get stressed and walk away for awhile. But the Keyes l has en a-b. I have three l to connect to the aduino uno 3boards x l28 each that is 18 wires, and I got 12 pins on the uno. You help would be greatly appreciated. Could you help me and email me at dzeima hotmail. This is driving me batty. I will search if is possible, but probably you could just get: Ksyes second post is right. Hello, need to connect sparkfun 68 oz. Is this even possible?

The driver can handle it! Why would you want to do that? Hello feiticeir0 Ok its pretty clear you know the stuff well. Here is my request. I keyse salvaged a printer head l2998 from an old HP Deskjet The motor is ok move the head on either directions but only when I reverse the polarity manually. I have all mechanical components ready I only need arduino sketch. Will you help me writing such a program? Thank you for the comment, but I still have a lot to learn.

Lower values will just not work. You can see this post and understand it better: Hi Feiticeir0 I have very little experience with arduino and only used picaxe.

L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor driver

Can I get voltage from another place and still have control? Sorry for the armature approach. First, are you sure is not the motor that is bad? Hi Feiticeiro, Wow that was fast. K298 can run the other motor strait ksyes a battery, the A side runs well and also changes direction when the sensor is made.

I can also wire the two motors together in the A side and they both run. This is the sketch I used. Thankyou for your help. Just focus now on the motors — if you swap the wires motor Keye connected on motor B terminals and with this same code, does the motor A still spins? And if you connect the motor B on the motor A terminals, does it spin?


I have found the problem. I had a dead short between the driver pcb and the sensor shield. It was a fluke but its going now. Thankyou so much for your help and knowledge it is much appreciated Kind Regards.

You need to program it for it to work. You can use a Raspberry PI if you want. Does the code upload to Arduino without any problem?

Can you please help me out? Please read the post in the above link! Thank you for pointing that out!

L Dual H-Bridge Motor driver | Feiticeir0’s Blog

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn ksyes your ketes data is processed. The connections on the board are fairly simple to understand: Here we have several connectors for the motors from left to right: Here is the connections: No, this project does not include a joystick!

I got it work! So would this similar driver http: Hii have a problem with arduino code ,it gives me error in this line: Well, by your last comment, you may have a busted H-bridge.

I if still in warranty, change it! Motor driver can control only with arduno? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our kees. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.