Buy Katiba ya Chama Cha Mapinduzi by Chama cha Mapinduzi (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. out their popular struggles for freedom under the conditions then obtaining: The Constitution of CCM. 2. Katiba ya CCM – (ENG ) 5/20/06 AM Page 2. A supporter holds a booklet with a photo of Tanzanian President John Magufuli at a rally by ruling party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) in Dar.

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It was, however, anticipated that during the three months that the CA stayed out of the debating chamber, rival parties would bury their differences and return to the House, while united for one mission of deliberating on the Draft Constitution. Unfortunately, with all concerted efforts made using different mechanisms and fora, nothing has so far changed the situation.

A good number of stakeholders of the new Constitution tried their best to make the divided CA reach a consensus, but in vain. For instance, the Tanzania Constitution Forum devised a mechanism using even experts from outside Tanzania, but it did not help soften the stiffness of the divided CA groups.

Last week, another forum was set up to try to find out what was really the stumbling-block for the process of getting the new Constitution. The two divided parties argued enough, each side trying to defend itself and blame the other party, but all in vain; they did not come to any positive conclusion.

Queries as CCM skips Katiba in its manifesto – The Citizen

All in all, we need to resolve this impasse katina asking ourselves, who actually is blocking our mission towards getting the new Constitution? The dream of writing the new Constitution has been in minds of many Tanzanians for more than 20 years now.

Unfortunately, for all these years CCM never dreamt or even thought that there was a need for a new Constitution in this country.


All elections that this country cvm sinceCCM never included in its manifesto an item for the need of the new Constitution. While almost all opposition political parties cried for a new constitution every time, when the general election was around, CCM used its wide network and financial muscles to oppose any idea for a new constitution.

Thus, CCM is not ready and is unwilling to write a new Constitution. We are here today struggling with an already stalled process of getting a new Constitution because CCM that was supposed to be the main stakeholder has no interest in the new Constitution. By saying that CCM is the stumbling-block for the new Constitution we are oatiba doing them injustice. Katiiba thinking speaks itself. He knew it was absolutely impossible to do that.

Our President came to realise that he could cannot beat his party and, therefore, decided to join them.

The Citizen

I feel sorry for our President for his good intention that has been spoiled by his party. They have already cornered our President and now are in final stages to accomplish their mission of using their majority in the CA to do whatever they want to make sure Tanzanians do not get a new Constitution, but a mere a Constitution.

All arrows point to cdm conclusion and there is no need to look around and ask ourselves, who is an obstacle against our desire for a new Constitution.

However, the determination of CCM to block Tanzanians to get a standard Constitution will not kagiba the end of the story. Their craft will turn against them one day and it will cost them politically. If CCM wants to flourish politically at least for another decade, they should allow a constitution making process to go normally as they did in allowing political pluralism in the s.

Had CCM stubbornly refused to freely allow political pluralism inCCM would not have made it this far, being a strong ruling party as it is.


KATIBA REVIEW: CCM ‘not ready’ for new Katiba – The Citizen

I urge my fellow Tanzanians not to go into violence if CCM succeeds in giving us the kind of Constitution we do not want. Let us continue to pursue our desire to get a new constitution, but peacefully and with constructively devised political and social sobriety.

Non-violence for writing a new Constitution will never cease, but definitely it will bear long waited fruit one day. Definitely, Tanzanians will make it one day. A new constitution, which is not CCM-based will come one day. Let us katjba sober, pray and be patient. He can be reached at mwassajingi yahoo.

The Constituent Assembly resumes Tuesday amidst division into two main groups that have failed to reach a consensus The ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi is to blame for it shows it is not yet ready for writing a new Constitution. Why thorough basic law crucial Where CCM has got it wrong.

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