RAMANICHANDRAN NOVELS Aasai Aasai Aasai Kadhalenum Solaiyile . can any one say me the name of the rc’s novel below i hav said the story in short. காதலெனும் சோலையிலே Kadhalenum Solaiyile . Hi I am searching for a novel in which the female character has crush on her fathers. உறங்காத கண்கள் has 59 ratings and 1 review. Urangatha Kangal is one of the famous novel in tamil written by Ramanichandran – the story of the.

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Kadhalenum Solaiyile (காதலெனும் சோலையிலே), Ramani Chandran | Download on Dailyhunt

Could you please help me what is this novel name. She grown her sisters son at that time accident for her and lover and at the same time son father after married a lover went to seashore place what is this noval name.

kadhallenum Hi I am searching for a novel in which the female character has crush on her fathers owner who is some estate owner. Hai, this is tamil novel writer Madhumathi Bharath. If u want to read my novels. Slaiyile for one stories title name Hero who is rich aolaiyile in love with heroine who is poor Bcoz of heros friend hero will think heroine is cheating him At that time heroine will be pregnant Hero fights saying that baby is not his So heroine will abort the baby and later on leaves his house Hero then search for heroine Bcoz of heros ex girl friend hero comes to know where heroine was He goes there to console her and get her back A step mother gets the girl married with a man she doesn’t love,who was a kinda womanizer she had a male friend who loves her,and a friend who loves him.


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I read this story once,does anybody know the name of the story. Hi all Could you please help me found the novel name which summarizes as below: Hero was love failure. Searching for a novel name In that novel I solaiyilf know hero name sathyan and heroine name mathura Searching novel Heroine name sudhakari she has a child.

Name of the girl is Pavithra. Hero name i don’t remember also he has a child her name is anisha. Hero wife name is deepthi she was died on her delivery.

Later she knows her lover only punished her like that.

This is not a Ramanichandran Novel, but is a different author’s. The heroine’s name is Meera and she is a nurse.

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She has a young, widowed elder sister, Radha, who is very nice but a timid girl. Solaiykle of them falls in love with brothers from a rich family. The hero and heroine’s dads are friends.

The hero’s family is a big and rich family. They have 5 or 6 boys in that family and a girl name Bharathi.

Does anyone remember the name of this novel? Searching for a ramanichandran mam novel Anyone know kadhaenum novel name? Hi some one help to find ramani mam novel two sisters married the brothers the elder brother and elder sister already in love but the younger sister marries the younger brother j7st for his sister finally both of them fall in love which novel is this.

Hi help me to solaiiyile a novel name which hero name is prem and heroine name is sanjana she went for the interview there she saw the hero and get shock. Heroine aunty had triples.


Someone help to find the title Can anyone help to find the title Ramanichandran Tamil Novels Free Download. Ladhalenum links to download.

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