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India author Sushmita Banerjee, also known as Sayed Kamala, was kabulkwalar outside her home in Afghanistan last night after recently returning to the country to be with her husband.

She fled in after being held and threatened by the Taliban.

Banerjee recently moved back to Afghanistan to live with her husband in the city bwngali Kharana. Earlier today, according to the BBCTaliban militants stormed her home.


Sushmita Banerjee Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Her body was dumped near a religious school, according to local police. Read More From Heavy. But they did not keep their promise. Instead, they kept me under house arrest and branded me an immoral woman. The Taliban kabuliawlar to teach me a lesson.

One night shortly after that, Banerjee dug a tunnel through the mud wall of the house she was being kabluiwalar in and attempted to make her escape. She was quickly picked up and interrogated by 15 Taliban members.

Indian author Sushmita Banerjee murdered by Afghan militants

The militants continued interrogating her through the night. The next morning they took her to the Indian embassy.

She was given safe passage to Calcutta, where she was reunited with her husband. Banerjee was persecuted specifically for refusing to wear a burka.

Indian author Sushmita Banerjee murdered by Afghan militants – Firstpost

Banerjee was portrayed by Indian actress Manisha Koirala. This is absolutely false. After seeing the film, Khan felt that he could no longer show his face in public. Among other discrepancies, Banerjee pointed out that key people in aiding her escape were completely omitted from the film.


She was doing that while working on her next project, documenting the lives of women through kabuliwaar as part of her work. Views 0 Shares 0 Comments. Updated Apr 17, at 2: Published Sep 5, at India diarist Sushmita Banerjee, also known as Sayed Kamala, was murdered outside her home in Afghanistan last night after returning to be with her husband.

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