Le Rivage des Syrtes (French Edition) [Julien Gracq] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Le Rivage des Syrtes [Julien Gracq] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to Find book. Study materials posted under the course FF:FJIA /FJIA/ · Složka /el// jaro/FJIA/um/ Learning Materials /um/.

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Under the tang of fresh ink and white paper lurks a faint, lingering smell of old things.

It has never been out of print since The overall sales figures might have easily reached into the hundred thousands by now. Still, its international status is somewhat uncertain. The American juliwn, The Opposing Shorehas a smack of academic exclusiveness it was published by Columbia University Pressbut it was able to seduce a small public of enthusiasts five stars with honors on Amazon.

The Spanish and German translations are growing old, but they are still commercially available. Unsurprisingly, the exception is the Italian market: As things dws today, virtually no work by Julien Gracq can be purchased at Italian online or physical bookstores. For once, there might be a reason: Venice is assigned on diplomatic duty to the remote Ssyrtes of the bay of the Syrtes, on the shores of what is possibly the Mediterranean.

The Opposing Shore – Wikipedia

For three hundred years, the principality of Orsenna has been technically at war with a mysterious country beyond the sea, the state of Farghestan, but in practice, hostilities have long been suspended. Over the decades, time has ceased to flow at the stone Fortress of the Admiralty: Still, a strange fever juloen reawakened in the upper echelons of the city-state, including the inmates of the sickly seaside resort of Maremma!

Times are ripe for a change, even if change must be synonymous with the downfall of Orsenna. The protagonist, Aldo, will be instrumental to this highly ambiguous reawakening rrivage the sleeping principality — the ephemeral vivacity that precedes agony. His writing is extraordinarily rich, sophisticated, and luxuriant, an unrelenting cascade of ornately textured brocades with no fissures, no contrasts, no pause.


The tone is invariably solemn, epic, almost hieratic, the imagery is highly metaphorical and lle polished. Reading or re-reading Gracq in is a guilty pleasure, like eating a kilogram of fine chocolates in bed at sgrtes. In its pages, Les Rivage des Syrtes manages to subvert just about all received truths about the modern novel, and to do it with such a sovereign indifference that it takes time to realize the full extent of its contrariness.

Henry James would marvel at the length and articulation of some sentences. Le Rivage des Syrtes stands alone, syrts fills a one-book vacuum: It is one of those late, solitary, overripe fruits that sometimes grace an autumnal season of decay. Later imitators have not fared that well. His dreamlike palette of silence, shadows, and gargantuan masses lurking in the distance the Fortress, the volcano… is sometimes reminiscent of metaphysical and surrealist imagery. Every gesture seems to hide a secret meaning of unfathomable depth, every word seems pronounced to be carved in marble or written in gold.

Even the chronology is puzzling: In a sense, Le Rivage des Syrtes is a tragic allegory of civilization as a self-destructing order. Juliwn will lead to peace, peace to boredom, and boredom will beget war. As suggested above, the rich pleasure it delivers is somewhat illicit, if rviage downright regressive. It is too pure, romantic, and unabashed to be easily reconciled with the asceticism and ironic self-control of modernist poetics.

It takes some discipline and inner abandon to accept syrhes terms of this literary pact. Still, Gracq pulls it off with mastery, and by sheer talent alone fortifies his work against criticism. Even in translation, it is a work for experimented connoisseurs with an armored stomach. If at all possible, however, it should be read in French. The beauty of the phonetic texture, the mesmerizing prosody, the singing archaism of the syntactic construction require an additional effort, but they amply reward it.


The aftertaste is that of a dream; the effect on the mind is soothing and sobering. Digital Solutions, web agency di Roma, cerca web content editor per gestione social e siti web compreso ecommerce.

The Opposing Shore

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