JKD Footwork provides detailed demonstrations of the footwork methods used by Jeet Kune Do practitioners. This is a must-have reference guide for any serious. Learn 5 Drills For Improved Jeet Kune Do Techniques From Jeet Kune Do Training from a stationary position, the trainer will use footwork to move and attack. Here’s a Newer Video on Jeet Kune Do Footwork and Trapping. Agility, distance, timing and structure are essential to performing JKD Footwork and applying it.

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Against a straight blow, the movement is backward.

Jeet Kune Do Footwork by Tim Tackett

In that split instant, your weight is heavily on your front foot. Creating a false sense of distance. It foltwork just one quick motion, but your body should be in alignment and in balance. Without movement there is no attack, and without attack there is no scoring. Footwork is one of the key fundamentals to being successful in a fight.

Bruce Lee’s Footwork | Martial Arts | Jeet Kune Do

Move foward, backward, circle around corners, etc. If you push off harder, you will notice that it to the front leg quickly- but this jd only momentary. Lengthy steps or maneuvers that cause your weight to shift from one foot to the other should be eliminated except when delivering a blow. A heavy slugger with poor footwork will exhaust himself as he futilely attempts to hit his opponent. Except using Footwork to obtain Distance as a form of self-defense, we can use Footwork in conjunction with Evasive body motion methods to avoid blows.


Unless you move your rear foot before your front foot makes contact, your front foot cannot be planted properly. Above all, keep cool.

Step through Wrestling 9. The entire weight of your body should be resting on the lead leg at this point, with the rear foot barely touching the ground for counter-balance purposes. Both feet should be slithering rhythmically just above the surface of the floor like a graceful ballroom dancer. Good footwork allows you to hit from any angle and also to follow up your initial attack with more powerful finishing blows.

mkd Learn to move like a tightrope walker. It prohibits evasive footwork. When your rear heel is raised, it facilitates switching your weight immediately to your other foot when delivering a punch.

This drill teaches you to become super quick either forward then backward or backward then forward. You should check your feet and make sure that the rear heel always lines up with the front toes, in a good, solid stance.


Even in evading a blow, the body should move before the cootwork. Bruce was so good, because he made himself so good. You have to feel comfortable at all times so that you are able to react instantly. I liken good footwork to operating a four-wheel drive.

Then slide the lead foot right foot an equal distance to the left, all the footaork maintaining the On-Guard position. You should be able to move rapidly in any direction so you are well-balanced to withstand blows from any angle.

Why We Need Bruce Lee’s Footwork

This is not the case in JKD. Against hammers, it is a circular movement down to either fkotwork. And by then you were flat on your back. The key is to maintain perfect balance at all times.

Footwork, in short, “gets you there and gets you out. Instead, try to narrow the gap of space in a calm and exact manner.

Principles Of Distance In Attack 1.