Homewood Campus Map. G2. 26 Glass Pavilion. 39 Latrobe Hall. G4. E2. E/F2. H/ FV2. LEGEND. 27 Greenhouse. 60 ROTC Bldg. 61 San Martin Center. Location and schools of Johns Hopkins University at the Homewood Campus. O Parking Lots. Johns Hopkins Bldg. ID Entrance Gate i Visitor Center Homewood Campus Map & Directory. 1 2/3. D/E3. HЗ. F2. Bunting Meyerhoff. Interfaith.

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Maps & Directions | Johns Hopkins University

From the north via I or I Paul Street, then turn right onto 29th Street. At the next light, turn left onto Wyman Park Homwood. Continue to the third driveway on the right, and enter the South Garage, where visitor parking is available.

From the south via I Continue to the second light and turn right onto Wyman Park Drive.


From the east via Route 50 or I Take Route 50 East to exit 21 I Baltimore. Follow the directions above from the south on I From the west via I Discover the Homewood campus with our guided interactive tour. Athletics and Recreation Tour.

Clifton mansion jhj stands, and the grounds where the university would have been are now a public golf course. Skip to main content. You are in a modal window.

Press the escape key to exit. Common Searches Why is it called Johns Hopkins? What majors and minors are offered?

Shuttles | Transportation Services

Where can I find information about graduate programs? How much is tuition? What financial aid packages are available?

How do I apply? How do I get to campus?

Where can I find job listings? Where can I log in to myJHU? Where can I log in to SIS?

Apply Visit See programs. Interactive Homewood campus map Loading. Virtual tours Discover the Homewood campus with our guided interactive tour Also see: Student Life tour Athletics and Recreation Tour.