) THE CUNNING A PERSONAL. OF COSMETICS: REFLECTION ON THE ARCHITECTURE. OF HERZOG AND DE MEURON Jeffrey Kipnis. During the. The article from Jeffrey Kipnis on “The Cunning of Cosmetics: [Herzog & De Meuron]” catches that the Hdm’s interests on cosmetic, fastidious. Jeff Kipnas’ essay “The Cunning of Cosmetic” , declares that minimalism and ornamentation are two opposing forces and Cosmetic has the ability to manipulate the surface without disturbing the form. Kipnis, Jeffrey.

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Constructing a New Agenda: He calls these simple and superficial because of their focus on the cosmetic and fastidious details — clearly frivolous in comparison to radical jeffreg.

Jeffrey then compares the cunning of cosmetic in their architecture with cunjing computer virus that reprograms his thoughts and feelings, that slipped into his consciousness through his will, eluding any and all resistance.

According to him, these traits enable it to go anywhere and everywhere, to appear fascinating and harmless at the same time, with undermining subterfuges and sly deceits.

Spatial Ornamentation | Samra Qasim –

To Kipnis, there is transformative power in the cosmetic — God forbid we associate cosmetics with ornaments! Ornaments attach as discrete entities to the body — reinforcing the structure and integrity of the body as such, while cosmetics are indiscrete and relate only to the skin — taking the body for granted.


Cosmetkcs then the two be analogous to piercings and tattoos, relying on the body as their structure and taking it for granted respectively? He exemplifies Ricola Europe, with its walls silkscreened with leaf images.

Jeffrey goes on to describe the sublime of this screen, and that the images are only visible from the exterior if the light cunnjng at the right angle, contrasting it to the straight forward plan and blunt form. The genius of this building, he says, lies in its stark presence seeming to disappear in its delicate allure — this marriage of heavy and weightless becoming the tour de force of cosmetics.

The Cunning of Cosmetics : Herzog & De Meuron | archchiang

However, they create a renewed sensibility from this palette instead of introducing new entries. Using highly tactile materials such as concrete, de Meuron would emphasize the reality of a building and dematerialize it by manipulating the concrete instead of replacing it. Kipnis gives fhe Kunstkiste Museum as an example of an intensified weight of materiality in its top heavy proportions and extreme use of concrete, which is however destined to be stained on every surface by the roof water.


Vertical striation of rust and algae will be created, transforming what initially appeared as a concrete box, into a contradicting appearance, that of a viscous liquid in an aquarium with blackened windows floating at random with neutral buoyancy. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via kjpnis.

Ornament To Kipnis, there is transformative power in jefdrey cosmetic — God forbid we associate cosmetics with ornaments!

The Cunning of Cosmetics : Herzog & De Meuron

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