Sonnax Torque Converter parts for Jatco JFE (09A) applications. Hello,just joined up how you doin? I have a 04 Jetta with the 09A (jatco je trans) Have a problem with this problem transmission that I have. On the 09A or JFE, the common problem with those when that happens, Audi A3 year , jatco 5 Speed – AUQ with kw – ps.

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Log in or Sign up Close Panel. Results 1 to 20 of I have the following problem and that turned my automatic from 3 to 4 gang rough. If the Automatic TCU unit reset it works perfect for 1 week.

The transmission has about 15 thousand kilometers. Air mass meter is new! Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Do you mean this trans has a rough shiftdoes is it maybe a slide bang shift?

On the 09A or JFE, the common problem with those when that happens, is the high jwtco piston cracks, thats why the clutch burns out. Sometimes you can see the crack when its bad, but most of the time its not visible.

The drum that houses the piston is right behind the back cover. They are replaced as set high and reverse clutch piston. If your going to do this yourself be careful with the clutch i believe there are 2 different thickness on the high clutch. If it works thats great, just keep driving it to make sure it doesnt start to slip again.


After about 1 week if the tcu reset jatcco again why? Last edited by felix; at If it started doing the same thing again, more than likely the problem is what i said before, cracked pistons. The 1 problem with this trans. I was thinking more of a software problem?

5-Speed Automatic Transmission (09A)

Have you looked to see if any TSB’s on this car related to the trans. I can 90a it up if you cant, just need year, make and model.

Im on shopkey pro, for its not showing any Audi A3, A4 maybe? That must be something electronic. There were indeed not all three gear jjatco broken with the same error.

Originally Posted by felix Auto trans fluid change or flush will not make a trans fail. Yes, my english is bad! I come from Germany. What is the Problem?

In my opinion, im still going with a cracked high clutch piston. With a little finesse, you can take the back cover off, drum is right behind the back cover, check the high clutch, if its bad the pistons are cracked.

As i said before thats the 1 problem with this trans. Thats what i see here in new york. Every fresh job thats comes into my shop with the 09A, has that problem.

If you want to fix this yourself, be careful, there are 2 different thickness high clutch packs There are 2 sets of clutchs in the jatck high and reverse, the high clutch is the smaller clutch. At the begining of the thread you said that the transmission has a rough shift jatc 3 to 4. Why does it work fine when you reset jaco TCM?


5-Speed Automatic Transmission (09A) – Ross-Tech Wiki

To answer this, you will have to jjatco a scan of the TCM when your transmisison isn’t working properly. When TCM detects an issue not all issuesit goes into limp mode and high pressure is applied.

With high pressure you katco get rough shifts. If something is not OK with your transmission most likelythen TCM will detect the problem again and high pressure will return. What is the TCM detecting?

You will have to scan the TCM to 90a able to answer those questions. An electrical problem affecting the pressure control solenoid can cause high pressure, but this will not only affect For advertising information click HERE.

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