Rumori: saggio sull’economia politica della musica by Jacques Attali. Rumori: saggio sull’economia politica della musica. by Jacques Attali. Print book. Italian. The Political Economy of Music Jacques Attali was expanding; that it is not by coincidence that Russolo wrote his Arte Dei Rumori (“The Art of Noise”) in ; . Satie, Pierre Schaeffer, Pauline Oliveros, Raymond Murray Schafer and Jacques Attali. Russolo’s manifesto, L’arte dei rumori (The Art of Noises, ) has.

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Thanks to Larry Sider and the School of Sound form which much of this material is referenced. Chion, Michel David Lynch Trans. Contains surprisingly little on sound. It examines the tools available, gives examples of a range of artistic works and questions the implications of such digital creativity.


The reader is taken on a journey through the aesthetics and practical issues of cutting film. Negroponte, Nicholas Being Digital London, Hodder and Stoughton, One of the worlds foremost experts on multimedia explores the impact of digital technology in our lives. This is a must read.

Tarkovsky, Andrey Sculpting in Time: Reflections on the Cinema London, Faber, Contains a brief section on sound but Tarkovskys ideas on directing and film in general are fascinating regardless of your discipline.

Character and Growth of a New Art Trans. Bresson, Robert Notes on Cinematography Trans. Griffin, Jonathan, New York, Urizen Books, A collection of brief, challenging statements on all aspects of filmmaking. Contains proverbial gems such as What is for the eye must not duplicate what is for the ear.

Theoretical work, full of insights and suggestions on many aspects of filmmaking. The Film Sense London, Faber and Faber, Contains a detailed analysis of the music in Alexander Nevsky as well as illustrating Eisensteins theories about the relationship between sound and moving pictures.

File:Attali Jacques Bruits pdf – Monoskop

Kracauer, Siegfried Theory of Film: The Redemption of Physical Reality New York, Oxford University Press, Contains analyses of various films as well as a review of existing theories on sound and film. Manvell, Roger Essentials of Film Art: Soundin Film London, Penguin, Pudovkin also discusses the rhythmic problems with his first sound film. Sound on Screen Trans.


Gorbman, Claudia, New York, Columbia University Press, Excellent, thought-provoking book offering fresh perspectives on the audio-visual relationship. Brown as well as an interview with Ennio Morricone. Cousins, Mark Walter Murch: Designing Sound for Apocalypse Nowin Projections 6: Kozloff, Sarah Invisible Storytellers: University of California Press, Murch, Walter Sound Design: The Dancing Shadow,in Projections 4: Weis, Elisabeth Belton, John eds.

Attapi and Practice New York, Columbia University Press, Comprehensive collection of articles and extracts covering technology, history, theory, and aesthetics. Bazelon, Irwin Knowing the Score: Notes on Film Music New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold, Sections on the art and technique of composing for film as well as interviews with composers.

Brand, Neil Dramatic Notes: Contains many interviews with composers e. Contains interviews jcaques composers as well as analyses of Korngold, Roacutezsa and Godard. Bruce, Donald Graham Bernard Herrmann: McFarland, History, analysis, criticism and appreciation. De La Motte-Haber, H. Athlone Press, Still as provocative today as when it was first published.

Will yield great rewards for anyone who can see beyond its Marxist rhetoric.

DaCapo, Anecdotal work containing historical sections and brief discussions of Hollywood film composers. Flinn, Caryl Strains of Utopia: Gender, Nostalgia, and Hollywood Film Music Princeton University Press, Significant because it is the first, and only, work to consider gender in film music. However, it suffers from a great lack of musical justification for it arguments.

Jazz and runori American Cinema Chicago, University of Chicago Press, A provocative series of essays that shed new light on how jazz fits into American life viewed through the cinema.

Detailed philosophical and historical arguments. Gorbman, Claudia Unheard Melodies: Discusses principles for scoring diegetic music and underscoring dialogue. Arno Press, Sections jacqhes history, the British documentary and music recording. Kalinak, Kathryn Settling the Score: Especially useful for composers.

Contains an excellent section on the dramatic effectiveness of certain types of orchestration. A Buried History of Film Music London, Quartet books, History of film music with an examination of musics emotional impact on the film audience. Contains an interesting section on film music and politics. Doesnt quite have the impact it promises to deliver. Lacking in technical and aesthetic detail.

Arno Press, An excellent historical survey dealing mainly with the move from silent to sound film. Contains a penetrating section on the aesthetics of the sound film. Mancini, Henry Sounds and Scores: Hastings House, A very detailed review of film music.


Contains rymori of many scores including: Contexts and Case Studies, New York, Oxford University Press, Contains very detailed analyses of The Birth of a Nation and Entracte as well as sections on music in the American silent film and a discussion of the research materials available on film music.

A Portrait London, T. Books, Chronological discussion of Tiomkins work. Contains filmographies and biographies for numerous composers. Norton, Well written general historical survey of film music. Is far too biased towards American film music and particularly the works of David Raksin, but very good nonetheless. Rozsa, Miklos Double Life: A Handbook for Composers and Conductors trans. Very interesting in historical terms.

Two sound discs with examples are included. Slightly dated but good. Smith, Jeff The Sounds of Commerce: Marketing Popular Film Music New York, Columbia University Press, Very readable work examining the emergence and development of the soundtrack album atgali its economic, industrial, and historical contexts. A Heart at Fires Center: Barnes, Readable account that evenly balances anecdotal and analytical material. Barnes, Statements from numerous film composers about their work.

Handbook for Sound Engineers: The New Audio Cyclopedia London, Focal Press, 37 detailed chapters on just about everything you would need to artali about audio. Chavez, Carlos Towards a New Music: Music and Electricity trans. Norton, A serious philosophical enquiry, from the composers viewpoint, into the effects that electronic inventions have had and will have on music.

Still a very provocative book.

Immersion Into Noise

Schirmer, So much more than just a technical manual and no less provocative today despite being dated. An invaluable handbook for anyone involved in producing sound for film or TV. Contains many examples, details of recording set-ups and glossary of terms. A good balance between practical and theoretical content is achieved.

A CD of examples is included. Barnes, General text on sound recording includes bibliographical references and index. Technical but not written for aliens.

Written in plain English and consequently excellent for reference. Not just technical also deals with aesthetics.

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