The History One of the key elements in the Spinal Symmetry method is the use of Dynamic Therapy, or as it is more colloquially known as. More articles on Isogai Dynamic Therapy for Neck and Back Pain to patients and conduct regular self-help therapy and training sessions in its premises as. I had heard of Isogai therapy from my best friend’s father for quite some time, but do not have a chance to explore it further. The only method I.

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Many of you have spent much time using the therapeutic strap, and we are often asked where and how did it all come about?

The History of the Dynamic Therapy Strap and How to use it ! | spinalsymmetry

And why is it so vital to the treatment you are receiving? To begin, we need to firstly revise the Spinal Symmetry approach to understand where the Dynamic Therapy fits in with the bigger picture. The hips and pelvis are the foundation of your spine.

Much like the foundation of a house, if the hips and pelvis are unbalanced and unstable there are compensatory stresses and strains above and below which may lead to symptoms such as pain. The Spinal Symmetry approach balances and stabilizes any imbalance in the foundation of the skeletal system of the body, i. To maintain this correction, we use the Dynamic Therapy to complete the treatment.


Firstly, how did it all come about? Through experience and treatment of these children, he came to realise the importance of starting with the hips and pelvis as the primary priority in dealing with the skeletal system. It was therapt a session in with isoyai Japanese boy who had cerebral palsy, that Malcolm would come to learn about Dynamic Therapy. As the boys mum watched Malcolm examine her son, she relayed to Malcolm that he was performing the Isogai method.

This is when Malcolm came to realise that the methods he was using had also been performed in a similar fashion by a bone setter named Isogai in Japan. After Malcolm read the book he made some inquires about Isogai and his methods, and within a few months, he had flown to Japan to study under Isogai himself.

Isogai Dynamic Therapy

The most significant distinction Malcolm made while in Japan was the use of the Dynamic Therapy. On return to Australia, Malcolm immediately began to implement this new procedure into his treatment with his cerebral palsy patients and also all of his existing patients.

The results that were achieved were highly gherapy, leading to Isogai himself to come to Australia to see the work that was being done in our Sydney and Canberra clinics at the time. So what is Dynamic Therapy? Dynamic Therapy is the use of the therapeutic strap nightly to act as a brace.

This brace helps to maintain the correction isogak your hips and pelvis that has been performed by a Spinal Symmetry practitioner. Your hip joints are held in position by ligaments.


With the correct amount of time of using the strap nightly, we are able to completely re-program the hip ligaments isogaj maintain the correct, balanced hip angles on a permanent basis. Once the correct hip angles are maintained, the pelvis will unwind itself to return to a balanced configuration. As the pelvis stabilizes, the rest of the spine will also return to a neutral state, thereby releasing the stresses on the previously unbalanced structure.

As each individual is unique, each person has an individual process and time frame. The use of Dynamic Therapy is unique to the Spinal Dyna,ic method as Malcolm is the only practitioner from Australia to go to Japan to undertake and utilise the Isogai course. He has since mentored many practitioners who work in the two Spinal Symmetry clinics as well as many others who have opened their own clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand.

How to use the Dynamic Therapy Strap. Drinking Water and Dynamic Therapy.

Isogai Dynamic Therapy

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