NS B and pinout The UART (universal asynchronous A very similar, but slightly incompatible variant of this chip is the Intel The uart has been the standard serial port framer ever since ibms original pc motherboard used the intel uart. Nsc pccns,pcainsa . So, is the ethernet driver in some way related to / UART-chip driver?? I am attaching the screenshot of the window that will show the.

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The part was originally manufactured by the National Semiconductor Corporation. It was commonly used in PCs and related equipment such as printers or modems.

The included an on-chip programmable bit rate generator, allowing use for both common and special-purpose bit rates which could be accurately derived from an arbitrary crystal oscillator reference frequency.

  IMM 5289 PDF

The chip designations carry suffix letters for later versions of the same chip series.

For example, the original was soon followed by the A and B versions that corrected some bugs. In particular, the original could repeat transmission of a character if the CTS line was asserted uat during the first transmission attempt.

Due to the high demand, other manufacturers soon began offering compatible chips. The line interface consists of: The interrupt line will when 82550 IER bit has enabled it be triggered to go high when one of the following events occur: The interrupt signal is reset to low level upon the appropriate interrupt service or a reset operation via MR.

The main difference between releases was the maximum communication speed. A very similar, but slightly incompatible [ citation needed ] variant of this chip is the Intel From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Nokia mobile phone, see Nokia Retrieved from ” https: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Views Read Edit View history.


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