Just find a mate to play as your opponent and you’re all set. Plentifun guides you through the basic Mancala rules, and even some tips to make. Instrucciones. Star Mancala is played on a two-sided board. At the beginning 24 stones are placed evenly in 6 pits on each side of the board. Collect the stones. Lee reseñas, compara valoraciones de clientes, mira capturas de pantalla y obtén más información sobre Mancala – Multijugador en líne. Descarga Mancala .

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This app has been my favorite app for at least a year now. It has always worked perfectly besides a few bugs here and there that I never minded.

Want to Know How to Play Mancala? Follow These Instructions

I love that you can play online and for the most part always find someone decent to play. But for the last month or so this app has not been working for me at all. It never lets me play players online. Please help me get my favorite app back. Idk if there needs to be an update or what, but please just help. Looking at the reviews I see other people are having the same problem.


So maybe an update is for sure needed. Thank you in advance! Now the problem of online play has been solved you can check it, and we are working on a update soon it will release on app store. I like the opportunity to play against unknown opponents online! I’d like to see the offline play mixed up a little more so I had to learn new moves. Currently the computers game isn’t very challenging. One thing that I find frustrating is that in a draw match the wager isn’t returned.

‎Mancala – Multijugador en líne en App Store

Both players lose their bet, which doesn’t seem very fair. Since there’s no monetization, it seems dumb for the app to tick off two of its customers for no reason. Besides that, the game play is lots of fun and an enjoyable distraction! Instruccionds back to complain about the draw match again. Reducing my review one star.

Bao (Español) | Mancala World | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Thanks for playing mancala game it is not bet its entry fee to play the match, so it is not refundable. I don’t think this game has been honestly updated also, lose the avatars.

If your are going throw in avatars use cartoonish characters. There is like one Asian girl and one black girl on there the rest is white male and females.


And I’m trying to not make it a racial thing but there will be that one person that will. But yea the touch screen to what I have to touch is off by a least a couple centimeters so that definitely needs to be fixed other than that it’s not bad. Thanks for your feedbacksoon new update will release with fixes.

Mancala Board Game

Capturas de pantalla iPhone iPad. Novedades Historial de actualizaciones Historial de actualizaciones 2.

Bug fixes when game starts. Resolve connectivity issue while playing with random players and facebook friends. Facebook friends get push notification if they are not online in game.

More stable, major update, more engaging,more fun. Improved AI Game play bug fixes. Completely new graphics for Winter theme. Fix crash on iOS 7 version. Compatibilidad Requiere iOS 9.

Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch. Mancala Online 2 Players: Mancala Cassic Board Game. Board Games of Two:

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