The European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles ( INREV), The INREV Guidelines provide fund managers and institutional investors with an integrated set of principles, guidelines and recommendations ( including. INREV Guidelines. Please wait while the page loads up About ANREV · Management · Committees · Working Groups · Young Professionals · Strategic. INREV and ANREV members have stimulated and strongly supported the establishment of industry guidelines over the past few years. INREV has developed an.

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The Guidelines are organised into eight modules, six have assessments. Good corporate governance is key to the success and inrrev of your business. Corporate governance means the structure, processes, policies and laws that determine how an investment vehicle is managed and controlled.

Standards Overview

Clear reporting is essential for maintaining good communications between investors and managers. The Property Valuation module promotes best guidellines for valuation and aims guideoines foster a common approach to the appraisal process. Estimates of market or fair value that follow these guidelines are based on building blocks that allow for clear and full disclosure. Consistency in performance measurement is essential to achieving greater comparison.


The module provides a standardised calculation methodology and allows investors to benchmark investment vehicles.

INREV Guidelines achieve almost per cent take-up | Property Funds World

The Liquidity module promotes best practices and governance in the area of liquidity rights, to make subscription, redemption and pricing mechanisms more transparent. Up-to-date vehicle data gujdelines essential to increase transparency, reduce investment barriers and promote a mature and accessible investment branch.

The INREV DDQ provides a standardised and well adopted framework, helping investors achieve a high level of scrutiny when entering an investment vehicle.

The SDDS standardises the most essential quantitative data that investors would like to receive from their managers on a quarterly basis. The GDD provides a common glossary of non-listed real estate terms.

Many terms have been vuidelines to globally, while others are specific to Asian, European and North American standards, guidelines and data products. The Global Standards Steering Committee has identified gaps and best practices between reporting standards and are working together towards global convergence.

INREV Guidelines achieve almost 100 per cent take-up

Against the backdrop of a maturing real estate cycle and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, liquidity is high on the agenda of managers and investors. Our library includes dozens of publications from INREV Professional Standards, including snapshots guidelined available and full reports members only.


These include liquidity, reporting, fees and other topics.

Through the Global ESG Library, members will be enabled with robust and evolving depository of featured reports, papers, and case studies ranging from a variety of geographic ingev most notably Europe, and Asia Pacific. Each quarter we guideoines articles on our Professional Standards activities. INREV Professional Standards are largely the result of several committees dedicated to constantly updating and improving our guidelines and standards. Standards News Against the backdrop of a maturing real estate cycle and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, liquidity is high on the agenda of managers and investors.