Find great deals for Infinity PS w 12″ Powered Subwoofer – MINT. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Power of the Infinity PS Subwoofer is amazing!!! I started out in an apartment with an Infinity W 8″ subwoofer at an excellent price. I moved to a house. Find great deals for Infinity PS Wireless 12″ watt Powered Subwoofer. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I started out in an apartment with an Infinity W 8″ subwoofer at an excellent price. I moved to a house and upgraded to an Infinity W 10″ subwoofer at an excellent infijity. The 10 was a huge improvement, but I realized that I was in a house and wanted to blow the roof off the place when watching my favorite movies!!!

So I decided that the next time a 12″ came up for auction, I was going to buy it.

I checked out what retail price was and made my maximum bid accordingly to ensure that I won. Am I glad that I did!!! This Infinity PS Subwoofer is beyond amazing. The power is really impressive. This really completes my home theater!!! The sound not only fills the whole house, but when explosions are in the soundtrack, you feel the explosions with every part of your infinigy. If you are sitting on the couch, the whole couch vibrates and slaps your back!!! When I turn it way up, I can feel it in my chest – Did I say that the powere was impressive, you better believe it.

The performance of this Infinity PS Subwoofer must be experienced to fully appreciate it.

All that I can say is, if you are thinking about geting any subwoofer, go for the PS! Iou will be happy that you did!!! Great sub that will produce powerful and clean bass, if properly calibrated. This makes the difference between boomy bass and tight bass.


It performs quite well for it’s price range. Nice looking and well constructed cabinet. And plenty of power on tap with it’s watt RMS infniity. I have the gain turned up to exactly the half way point. I have indinity cross over turned all the way to max in order to let my Onkyo receiver handle the LFE cross over onfinity.

I have it hooked up to my receiver using a MonsterBass sub woofer interconnect cable. This sub will hang in there with authority down to around 25 Hz. There are a few movies out there that will have infrasonic bass in the soundtrack that this sub can’t properly reproduce. It will chuff on something like that 5 Hz bass hit pa212 The Incredibles where the rocket blast goes through the tunnel and Dash runs out.

However, to reach down that low in the spectrum requires deeper pockets to get something like a SVS or HSU research sub. I purchased this infinkty after having a Paradigm 8 inch RMS sub for over 4 year. Almost from the beginning I was able to bottom out the Paradigm sub and was dreaming of the day when I could get s omething better.

I did extensive research and settled on this subwoofer after seeing the rave reviews of it on Crutchfield. Let me tell you, this subwoofer exceeded all my expectations and then some especially at the price it is currently sold for.

Infinity PS 212 Wireless 12″ 400-watt Powered Subwoofer

I have it in a fairly small room 16ft by 14ft and I must agree that this thing will shake apart your house. I have had to upgrade my other home theater speaker currently using PSB Alphas and Towers also as the shear power of this sub was drowning out everything else yes I know I could have just turned it down.

  3347-02 MANUAL PDF

I now need a bigger room. I cant infinlty myself needing a more powerful sub for the next 10 years.

Infinity Systems PS212 Subwoofers

There is no movie that I have thrown at it that it hasn’t handled effortlessly, from Jurassic Park to Armageddon to King Kong to Godzilla. This is what I call real value for money. I can’t think of anything I dislike about it!! And p212 an American not finding a complaint about this is shocking!

Used Infinity PS Subwoofers for Sale |

Its small, powerful, and precise. It turned my mediocre home theater into one that has made my neighbors jealous, and yet they’re always here watching football games!

They say they love the feeling of the impact from the sub after a inflnity tackle. AND I have this sub dialed down!! The gain is only at have and the cross over is at a quarter!!! I was shaking things off the shelves in an adjacent room!!

This thing is awesome!! Great sound great seller. I would grab Infinity any day the sound is excellent and clean. This sub sounds very good and tight.

It can get pretty loud and can rumble a few rooms if you have it turned up loud enough. You won’t find a better sub for the price. Skip to main content. Great sub for the money! This is all you need I purchased this subwoofer after having a Paradigm 8 inch RMS sub for over 4 year. The best home subwoofer, for the money, on the market I can’t think of anything I dislike about it!! PS This sub sounds infinihy good and tight. Why is this review inappropriate?