Hi, I am very new to ImageMagick and trying to find a program to convert files from GIMP files. I am also trying to convert the. Or you could use convert from imagemagick: convert You could also use xcftools (sudo apt-get install xcftools), which has a utility. How can make a png export of an xcf from linux command line? BEGIN Use convert from ImageMagick (of GraphicsMagick). convert.

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Gimp’s XCF conversion with layer selection Questions and postings pertaining to the usage of ImageMagick regardless of the interface.

Usage questions are like “How do I use ImageMagick to create drop shadows? My XCF image has 10 layers, and i would like to create images containing layers: This can be done in a loop covert a simple bash script, but does ImageMagick provide a way to export certain layers only? Last edited by fmw42 on Sun Dec 05, I have some problems though.


First of all converting of source. I don’t know that you want or should quote the [ ]. I have not had problems without doing that.

How is that you want to combine two images? Do you want to make two frames or layers or do you want to overlay them in some way. If the latter, then see convert You did not show your commands converg, so no one can see if there are any mistakes.

Use gif or tiff for example or some other multi-frame supporting format. Source XCF has 10 layers, xcc identify shows only 2: See the page I listed above for overlaying two images.

bash – How to convert multiple XCF files to PNG? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Same size, default overlay mode, etc. I have found xcf2png tool which solves this particular problem.

If the image has 10 layers IM should see them. As such something is wrong in the XCF module.