The public transport in Hamburg has a tight net of train and bus lines which connect mostly every 10 minutes. The HVV website is available in English, too. In HVV’s website, they have these weekly tickets with different fare zones If we buy the weekly ticket for the Greater Hamburg Area (Ringe AB. The ProfiTicket is the so-called “job pass” offered by Hamburg’s public transport system, the HVV. With the ProfiTicket, you can use the HVV at.

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Section 73, Team issues the ProfiTicket to University staff or allows them to exchange transport passes at the end of November each year. For more information, please see:. Are you thinking about applying for a ProfiTicket?

HVV and tickets – Germany Forum – TripAdvisor

We have put together some of the most important information below. The ProfiTicket is valid seven days a week vhv the respectively designated area of Hamburg and for all express trains U and S trains, AKN trainsregional trains R trains and Metronombuses and most of the Elbe ferries.


On weekends and public holidays, an additional adult and three children up to fourteen-years-old may travel on the ProfiTicket for free. There is also a “ProfiTicket 3 Ring ABC” pass, which is valid for three designated “rings” or areas in Hamburg throughout the working week and for the entire HVV transport system on weekends and public holidays see also “What does the ProfiTicket cost?

University staff members can choose between a 3-Ringe-Karte ABC pass valid for three “rings” or designated areas or a Gesamtbereichskarte pass valid for entire transport system.

You do not need an additional photo. However, the ProfiTicket is only valid with a proper ID photo and is not transferrable. A ProfiTicket is unlimited even though it contains an expiry date of 30 November. As soon as the ProfiTicket expires, a new one is issued immediately.

HVV and tickets – Germany Forum

You may not temporarily terminate your ProfiTicket. If you want to terminate the ProfiTicket in the year you applied for it, you may only re-apply for a new one nine months after your ProfiTicket was terminated.

If you have had the ProfiTicket longer than a year, however, you may be able to apply for a new one earlier. You can terminate the ProfiTicket for the end of each month informally in writinge. For more information about the Sozialkarte, see www. Target groups Prospective students Students International prospective students Young researchers Researchers Staff Rjnge continuing education students Alumni Journalists Refugees.


Save page as favorite. Your favorites Please log in to see your favorites. ProfiTicket for public transport ProfiTicket: For more information, please see: HVV ticket prices etc.

Who can use the ProfiTicket? When and where is the ProfiTicket valid? What does the ProfiTicket cost?

Prices as of January Where can I get the ProfiTicket? Do I need a photo to apply? I already have a standard monthly transport pass. Can Hv still apply for a ProfiTicket?

How long is the ProfiTicket valid? How do I terminate a ProfiTicket? What should I do if I lose my ProfiTicket? Downloads HVV ticket prices etc.