“The Statement of Randolph Carter” is a short story by H. P. Lovecraft. Written in December , it was first published in The Vagrant, May It tells of a. Randolph Carter is one of the most frequently appearing characters in the He first appearance was in the short story “The Statement of Randolph Carter,” in. H.P. Lovecraft Reread Today we’re looking at “The Statement of Randolph Carter,” written in December and first published in the May.

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Return to Book Page. Written Decemberit was first published in The Vagrant, May It tells of a traumatic event in the life of Randolph Carter, a student of the occult loosely representing Lovecraft himself. It is the first story in which Carter appears and is part of Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle. Kindle Edition66 pages. Published first published January 1st Randolph CarterHarley Warren.

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Lists with This Book. Feb 03, Bill Kerwin rated it liked it Shelves: Our narrator Randolph Carter tells of a night he accompanied Harley Warren–his friend and fellow student of the occult—to the graveyard near Big Cypress Swamp.

In the graveyard, the two men pry up a stone slab, revealing a flight of stone stairs beneath, and then. Yes, this is a simple story, but it scared me the first time I read it, and it scares me now just thinking about it. It would take Lovecraft ten years to discover how to localize, anticipate, and prolong a good shock of terror, but The Statement of Randolph Carter shows us that, even in his earliest stories, he had mastered the art of delivering the a shock.

Jun 21, Miriam rated it liked it Shelves: You go right ahead into that black aperture, from which rushed an effluence of miasmal gases so nauseous that we started back in horror. You call and tell me all about it.

The Statement of Randolph Carter

Carter’s friend really is calling him from the unknown depths and telling him about that uncanny vault. He’s taken a telephone on a really long wire. If you could see what I am seeing! After the completely different Lovecraft-western pastiche of Weird Trails: The Magazine of Supernatural Cowboy Stories. View all 12 comments. He went there with his friend. They found him wandering with no knowledge of Harley Warren’s whereabouts. The last time he saw Harley was before he entered an underground crypt.


He never came out. There is a reference to this event in The Silver Key too: Him he visited, living with him and sharing his studies for seven years, till horror overtook them one midnight in an unknown and archaic graveyard, and only one emerged where two had entered. Aug 03, Brian rated it it was amazing Shelves: This story fed my hunger for horror drama. HP sets the scene in jagged cliffs into the underground with ancient runes.

It reads like a Hitchcock or Twilight Zone show. A man’s ambition leads him to walk toward the center of the earth while talking to the narrator through a telephone with a long wire. The narrator hears ghastly noises and Mr. Carter urges him to leave. The end will make you feel like bugs burrow into your pores.

I found a description of a voice powerful and terrifying. He used the word “gelatinous” which makes me think of a phlegm infested throat and the hearing of those vibrations. Awesome read, and short, maybe twenty minutes. Cosa que aveces leyendo no se siente esas emociones.

Ha sido mi primer audiolibro y me ha encantado la experiencia. Relato muy cortito pero no por ello menos inquietante. Mar 25, Oziel Bispo rated it liked it. Um conto cheio de horror e terror contado pelo mestre H. Jun 04, Javier Divalero rated it really liked it.

The Statement of Randolph Carter – Wikipedia

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. You shouldn’t explore mortuaries in the middle of the night Warren’s crazy, maybe he’s got a Necromonicon book I love how Warren dies especially because of the mysticism which Lovecraft uses at the end to describe the dead scene Remember don’t wake up anything you can’t stop Quite a short tale of a man journeying into the depths of the earth and the horror he finds there.

Full review to follow.

Lovecraft knew that the secret to a good horror story was to leave the right things out, letting your imagination do the rest. It’s a style that has perdured until today, and for good reason.

The Statement of Randolph Carter is standard Lovecraft, with creepy imagery that is only precise enough, and a mentally unstable narrator that drops clues slowly and unaware, allowing for Lovecraft’s eerie writing style to take over. Oct 04, Scarlet Cameo rated it liked it. Sep 17, Laura rated it liked it. No pierde tiempo en describir detalles que a nadie le importan y se crea un clima de suspenso hasta el final. The essence of Lovecraft’s unseen, maddening horrors – the theme that time and again has made us shiver and imagine terrible, unearthly, unknowable things.

I love these stories. Locecraft simple, minimal in detail – and it all clicks so well. Jan 10, Netanella rated it really liked it Shelves: I never dreamed of THIS! That’s him in the quote above. Our adventurous duo decide to explore an underground crypt in the dead of night.


Warren, being wise and experienced in these things, decides that Carter must remain above, while he descends into the dark vault, trailing a long telephone wire behind him.

I love the imagery of this scene. After all, he could barely comprehend it. This is where I have to farter proclaim that I simply adore the cheeziness that is ol’ Howie. And Carter gets told off. I’m looking forward to Through the Gates of the Silver Key. Apr 04, Godzilla rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a very short story, but Lovecraft packs it with tension and it has a finale which is chilling in the extreme.

Despite being almost years old, this tale feels fresh and alive. The venture the protagonists set out on is never fully spelt out, and the narrator seems unsure of its purpose.

From there the suspense is slowly racked up, cartter the horror taking place never fully named, leaving the readers imagination to fill the gaps. Jan 14, Monse rated it really liked it Shelves: Este cuento lo tuve que leer por el colegio. Dec 19, Deniz Esen rated it really liked it. Lovecraft is like the title reads, an actual statement given to the police. Lovecraft literally makes you rancolph a statement from a suspect; the tone put you into a police officers shoes.

Throughout the story, Randolph goes through a mental situation like those in many Lovecraftian works, but what makes this story shine is the way story is narrated.

Randolph tells his story like it is a thing loovecraft one would believe, which gives more reasons for the reader to dive into its detail. Randolph quickly mentions the student-mentor relationship between him and Harley and tells the story where Harley vanished in the middle of a graveyard.

His portrayal of the world and the plot is not crystal clear, as he has recently been disturbed by some big event in his life. All this leads them to a graveyard secret stair entrance to the underground. The rest should be experienced by the reader. The disturbing setting, unknown horror elements, imagery of the graveyard, all of it has echoes of Poe, giving hits that this world is part of a much bigger and darker world.

Lovecraft is known as the father of the cosmic horror, and he delivers as always.