Het Puberbrein. Public. · Hosted by Toppertjes. Interested. clock. Thursday, November 23, at PM – PM UTC+ about 10 months ago. pin. Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. onvolgroeid puberbrein (het, -en) verslavend blikveld (het, -en) keerzijde (de, -n/s ) doorslaan naar (ww., onr.) to belong to (something or someone) Kinderen.

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Our brain continues to develop throughout childhood and adolescence. It becomes fully matured only after the age of twenty. This development is influenced by environmental factors such as physical activity, nutrition, and the amount and quality of sleep. Would you like to learn how environmental factors affect the functioning of adolescent brains? Are you interested in the effect upbringing has on this? This MOOC will examine these factors in greater depth. After an introduction to the general theme, it will cover subjects such as physical activity and learning; nutrition and learning; and sleep and learning.

In addition the role of upbringing for learning will also be discussed. Are you interested in research?

Het puberbrein by Naomi Kuijs on Prezi

Uet you can also delve deeper into these subjects through more advanced learning material and assignments. Afterwards you will be hdt to view the contents for a little while longer. The MOOC contains six lessons, a short introductory lesson and six lessons on the topic, each of approximately 3 – 5 hours study load without additional material.


The lessons are designed as a sequence, but each can be taken and completed separately should you wish so. You can start at various moments and still gain sufficient meaningful learning experiences if you have little time for learning. The learning materials consist of short introduction texts, interviews with experts and learning activities and assignments that you can find on the EMMA platform.

Part of the content will be translated into English, however additional studymaterials could be available puberbgein English only. Videos are either Dutch or English spoken. Learning in a MOOC does not have to be a solitary experience. You can communicate with puberbreun, provide examples and share experiences and examples with others using social media such as Twitter. The MOOC makes use of existing material and video recordings developed for online masterclasses that had been offered by the Open University in the recent past.

Although the context of these video recordings might not fully fit the context of this MOOC, the content is still very up-to-date and relevant. Moreover, nor the Puherbrein Universiteit nor EMMA are responsible, nor control or endorse these external resources and websites. No rights can be attached to this information.

Having completed this MOOC you will have sufficient basic knowledge about the impact of environmental factors upon learning of adolescents. Furthermore, lessons and materials of this MOOC will introduce you to luberbrein and technics applied in research of psychological and biological determinants of learning.

Both observational studies as well as intervention studies are part of her core business.


Her research is on developing innovative learning environments and supporting lifelong learners, with a particular focus on collaborative and social learning, peer support, learning networks and MOOCs. Firssova has been involved in course and curriculum design, quality assurance and evaluation projects at the OU for 10 years and has been teaching various courses at the Master of Educational Science program.

Het Puberbrein

Hdt interests and areas of expertise include course and curriculum design, academic writing and design for inquiry-based learning with technologies. Knowledge construction in Massive Online courses is her new research interest. Currently Olga is involved in two European projects: Facebook – Twitter – Youtube – Slideshare.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme under grant agreement no My Courses My Coursebooks. Personal blog Emma Posts. Open Universiteit Previous page.

Translation Puberbreim is experimental in nature and uses an integrated advanced automatic translation service Dutch English. Subscribe to our Newsletter. To read the posts of this classroom, you must be logged in and registered to the course. To enroll on this course, please login first. If you don’t have an account, please register. You are leaving EMMA to follow this course to the provider platform where this course is hosted.

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