Electronic Flora of South Australia Species Fact Sheet. Gracilaria chilensis Bird, McLachlan & Oliveira , figs 2– Phylum Rhodophyta – Class. The history of a domesticated marine macroalga is studied using archaeological, phylogeographic and population genetic tools. To exploit these nutrients as a resource input, and at the same time reduce the risk for eutrophication of the environment, Gracilaria chilensis on.

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Holdfast discoid, 2—3 mm across, with one to a few fronds; epilithic or loose lying. Structure uniaxial, with a slightly protruding apical cell Fig.

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Male plants usually small 5—10 cm high ; spermatangia Fig. American River inlet, Kangaroo I.

Hobsons Bay, Port Phillip, Vic. Crawfish Rock, Westernport Bay, Vic. Long Bay, Port Arthur, Tas.


Gracilaria – Wikipedia

Chile, from Bahia Herradura to Rio Maullin. In southern Australia, from Cowell, Eyre Pen. It is a slender species with long main branches and laterals of irregular lengths, with a single apical cell usually visible in the acute branch tips. It is distinguished in chklensis by the spermatangial pits of the “textorii ” type with relatively long clavate cells surrounding them and spermatangia cut off from cells in the relatively flat base.

Identity of the Australian material with the Chilean species has been checked by Dr Carolyn Bird pers.

Gracilaria chilensis , McLachlan & ra :: Algaebase

Seaweeds of New Zealand. A critical comparison of Gracilaria chilensis and G. Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra.

Copyright Commonwealth of Australia. Habit, male plants on right.

Apex of a branch. Section of a cystocarp.

Transverse section of a male thallus with shallow spermatangial pits. Transverse section with displaced tetrasporangia.

State Herbarium of South Australia. Distribution map based on current data relating to specimens held in the State Herbarium of SA.