You can download the standard request form at room/ obtain_copies/standard_form_ pdf. The Standard Form is for. Obtain the forms by e-mail from [email protected] or write to the Code 6 . http:// on the . document for downloadin and priting under this link: research_room/obtain_copies/standard_form_pdf Or: Order.

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Individuals beginning a search of military records would be well served by first getting a general overview of the subject area. All of these documents are readily accessible on-line at http: Additional research guidance is offered by the genealogy section of the National Archives and Records Administration site, http: Veterans and next-of-kin without Internet access and all others may submit their requests in writing to: National Personnel Records Center.

NARA Coast to Coast: “Pay Day” for Some World War I Military Personnel Records

If possible, use a Standard Form for this request. The form may be downloaded from http: Requests may be submitted by mail or by fax to Date and place of birth for the veteran would be helpful too, as would be place of discharge, last unit of assignment, and standard__form_180 of entry into service, if known.

You must sign and date your request. Please allow at least 2 — 4 weeks for a reply. If you need assistance, telephone the Center at Earlier records may be located through the National Archives and Records Administration, http: Officers Serving from to Some Officers Serving from to To obtain this form, send a message via electronic mail see http: National Archives and Records Administration.

In your letter, provide your name and mailing address, the form number, and the number of forms desired. Limit five forms per order. Casualty lists are available as well for some conflicts. Korean War casualty information may be retrieved at http: State agencies may be valuable contacts as well. The Military Records and Research Branch of the Kentucky Department of Military Affairs, for example, contains more thandischarge documents for Kentucky veterans beginning with individuals who served in World War I through modern day.

It also contains historical records of Kentucky militia and National Guard units dating from To assist researchers, the state has prepared the Oregon Military Department Records Guide, For a complete state-by-state listing of helpful state agencies, see the end of this document. Although the federal government is the primary source for military records, other sources may be close at hand.


How to Search Military Records: 10 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Awards, Decorations, and Campaign and Service Medals. The Institute of Heraldry provides comprehensive information on Army awards, badges, decorations, insignia, and medals, https: For assistance in deciphering abbreviations relating to these items, see researrch_room Data Codes Quick Reference Guide listed on https: Similar information for the Air Force may be found at http: Additional information obtaih_copies enlisted and officer rank insignia may be found at http: Grunt, the Ultimate Military Site, also provides researchers with illustrations of all badges and insignias for all services at http: The Department of Veterans Affairs recently offered an on-line locator service for most of its national cemeteries, http: For veterans buried overseas, the American Battle Obtaib_copies Commission also facilitates the search for their final resting place, http: Understanding What You Find.

The Department of Defense posts a searchable version of its current Dictionary of Military Terms at http: For guides to military acronyms and terms commonly used during WWII, see: United States Government Printing Office, ; http: United Stzndard_form_180 Government Printing Office, United States Navy Department, Abbreviations that individuals may encounter frequently, especially in conjunction with World War II research, will include: Comparable information for all services is available at obain_copies Private First Class Pfc.

General of the Army. Seaman 2 nd Class S2. Seaman 1 st Class S1. Petty Officer 3 rd Class PO3. Petty Officer 2 nd Class PO2. Petty Officer 1 st Class PO1. Lieutenant — Junior Grade Ltjg.

Google Answers: Military Service

Lieutenant General [5] LtGen. For administrative standard_form_810 tactical purposes, military forces are organized in various size units.

Squad — Small unit of 9 — 14 men, commanded by a sergeant.

Platoon — Three or more squads, commanded by a lieutenant. Company — Basic combat unit consisting of three or more platoons, commanded by obtain__copies captain. Total force averages about soldiers.

Battery — Artillery combat unit with three or more heavy guns. Similar in size to a company, commanded by a captain. Battalion — Three or more companies or batteries, commanded by a lieutenant colonel. Total force averages — men. Regiment — Large unit formation, consisting of three or more battalions, commanded by a colonel.


Total force ranges between 2, — 3, men. Brigade — Two regiments research_ropm supporting artillery and support troops, commanded by a brigadier general.

Division — The command units for large formations of three or more regiments, with various supporting troops, commanded by a major general.

Total force exceeds 15, soldiers. Corps — Two or three usually the latter divisions, commanded by a lieutenant general. Army — Two or more corps, commanded by a general four stars. A detailed description of the Air Force structure is available at http: Additional Reference Materials or Resources. Individuals and organizations interested in military history are among the most active users of the Internet.

As a result, a tremendous volume of information is available on-line about any conflict or military unit, especially those of the modern era.

Included among the sites that may be valuable reference sources include: Air Force Historical Research Agency, http: Air Mobility Command Museum, http: American Civil War Homepage, http: Army Air Forces, http: Army Obtain_ccopies Foundation, http: Civil War Center, http: Civil War Manuscripts Project, http: Civil War Official Records, http: Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, http: Congressional Medal of Honor Society, http: Fleet Air Arm Archive British sitehttp: Historic Naval Ships Association, http: Korean War Commemoration, http: Master Index of Army Records, http: Military Medical History, http: National D-Day Museum, http: National Museum of Research_roo, Aviation, http: National Museum of the Pacific War, http: Navy Bureau of Medicine, http: Naval Historical Center, http: Naval Historical Foundation, http: Texas Military Forces Museum, http: US Air Force Museum, http: US Army Aviation Museum, http: US Army Chaplain Museum, http: US Army Engineer Museum, http: