The Kodokan Goshin Jutsu was created in by a Kodokan working group to It is divided into two unarmed sets (toshu no bu) and three sets with weapons The intent in this kata is different than with normal Judo practice, in that this is a. Kodokan Goshin Jutsu Kata No Kata. Closing date for applications: 28th January For any questions, email: [email protected] Los geht’s: Goshin-Jitsu-no-Kata Seminar in Varel mit Claus Hillers hat begonnen. Die Teilnehmer sind aus dem gesamten Bundesgebiet angereist Vielen.

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Goshin-jutsu-no-kata weapons? : judo

Posts Topics Advanced Search. You are not connected. Please login or register. I am in the most unfortunate position.

I am now frequently requested to teach groups Kodokan goshin jutsu. It is a basic ‘kata’ and one a judoka my rank should be rather accomplished at. I want to vent off and forgive me if my venting goes OTT.

WE all have our moments. I do hope that my rant doesn’t offend those who enjoy this kata THAT is not in the least my intention. I am aware just how popular of late this ‘kata’ has become. I learned this kata in a very base form decades ago. I mean decades ago. I was raised in judo as a child with the randori no kata then kaeshi kata then kime no kata.

I understand the kime no kata and love it. I understand it, can defend its position in judo, see its relevance to judo and enjoy its rich history and the vital underlying principles it teaches. I taught the military from a very young age both Judo then SD. The SD was not a part of the judo curriculum and certainly the two concepts where never confused.

Judo is an education. SD for troops is a matter of life and death. To this end I became somewhat proficient in the arts of SD, so I am told? Point is I can understand kime no kata and its reason for inclusion in the kodokan syllabus as an integral part of our judo.

I learned long ago the last thing Kime no kata is about is self defence. Its to train the mind and body in nearly every other concept except SD! I can write chapter and verse on the kime no kata explain WHY this kata is a vital tool that develops character and skill sets that we use every day in our lives. I trained to a high level in this kata to the stage we used live blades, and that is where Kime no kata is truly learned and understood. I have been again ‘trying’ to practice kodokan goshin jutsu.

It is driving me to tears. I just hate and detest this abomination of a group of near futile and pathetic exercises sorry. I cannot find ONE redeeming factor to learning and practicing this ‘kata’.

I am constantly in this internal fight with myself to practice it. As far as Goshin jutsu is concerned it is a bloody joke. If I am uke I want to remove the head or scrotum of tori in most moves. Tomiki-sensei, what on earth where you thinking? To this end what the hell am I missing? I just cannot accept this is a modern version ijtsu kime no kata. Most of the waza are flawed? I am miserable because I have to go and practice this ‘kata’.


I cannot articulate just how much I detest this ‘kata’. Now ‘some’ of this may be in my judo DNA? You see non of my sensei would have this taught nor practiced on their tatami and to gowhin it I had to move outside my normal circle of font of judo knowledge.

You see I have never been able to teach something I don’t believe in, something I cannot defend both physically, academically and psychologically.

I do teach judo waza I dislike BUT that is not my point. Even though I dislike kata guruma I can defend the teaching of the waza and its nk use in randori and shiai. I also detest kibisu gaeshi but same applies I can see it has its place and can defend it academically.

I am asked why we do this and not that and I cannot answer these valuable questions.

It is not only that so many of the waza are a completely fiction, I cant find a reason why any expert would even develop such a group of techniques? I seriously need some help here. I must be missing something? This ‘kata’ has survived since and has to have some value somewhere?

WHY do I just find it so soul destroying to practice and teaching jjitsu drives me to real despair. I truly do not see the point in this ‘kata’? Any words of wisdom and support would be much appreciated. I don’t feel any better after my rant either I write as a pupil of judo.

Hanon Sensei, I taught SD to law enforcement for a number of years. I have attended clinics where this kata was taught and tried to learn it. I have no skill in Kodokan goshin jutsu. That said, i too, have major reservations as to its efficacy. I particularly find the defense against someone armed with a handgun almost suicidal. Your “rant” is not off base. Sensei, How are you? It has been so long since we have met up here. You need a dose of your own medicine, that is to say, you have set many people strait in this subject, many times.

What goshi you say to someone who said that they see absolutely no reason to learn Itsutsu-no-kata, that there is no useful movement or technique within this kata, it is only a dance that has no use in judo? I hope all is well! Quand on n’essaie pas, c’est impossible” Guess Who? Once I thought I was, and that was kataa mistake. CK sensei, I don’t drink anything that contains caffeine.

Heikojr sensei, This IS my entire point. I can in all respects give academic chapter and verse as to the value of learning the other kata used in judo.


We have seen here some other non kodokan kata and with a few exceptions I can defend the practice of some of those. I cannot do what you ask of me in relation to the kodokan goshinjutsu though.

I need your help to illustrate what I am missing. I accept the fault is with me and maybe not with the ‘kata’.

I hope this is the case. Kime no kata is a foundation to learning the fundamental principles of attack-defence, or attack-attack, action-reaction. Tai sabaki, katame, shisei, etc and so forth. Kime no kata is about concentration.

Believe me no one can say they have learned kime no kata until they have reached the point where their sensei tells them to use live blades. One has akta idea just how focused one becomes. Strength of mind and character is put to the test, not to mention ones underwear and ability to still count to ten using ones fingers. To have ones personal space invaded is gosuin judoka take for granted. To be man-handled is something we take for granted, to be held, grabbed, goshn and pulled, attacked etc these are bread and butter concepts to the experienced judoka.

I fully on that the kime no kata is not at all about self defence but it is about all the concepts and skills used in real SD even though developing such skills through judo takes many many dedicated years if ever. I cannot justify the goshinjutsu kata this way WHY do we need to practice it? The techniques ho not effective in terms of goshinjutsu and flawed technically ggoshin is a generalisation, sorry. This could be hoshin of the kime no kata BUT as I have written the kime no kata is a group of techniques wrapped around kara frame of principles that ensure the practitioners learn a core set of basic skills.

If one practices glshin kime no kata why do we need the less technically efficient goshinjutsu kata? There must be jitsk and I need to hear them.

It is so nice to hear from you also, please do your best to teach me what Goshon fail to see. I hope you and yours are well.

Kodokan Goshin Jutsu

Don’t set nl of on the gun tactics. SD is a massive subject. SD must ALWAYS take into account the fact that very often, in fact generally, an attacker is not a fool and knows his ‘art’ better, or as well, than we do ours. A person with a knife or a gun is not a person to play with.

I have never ever taught the public SD. I do not believe ‘simple’ tricks learned over a few weeks can save a life.

I do believe in a few weeks academic SD and for that we don’t need a dojo just a class room with chairs.

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