di Tobia Gorrio ; musica di A. Ponchielli. (Statement Of Responsibility). U.S. RISM Libretto Project. Legal notice–p. 2; printed price “Prezzo netto una lira”–front. Sheet Music – £ – Amilcare Ponchielli – La Gioconda (Libretto). Sheet Music – £ – Amilcare Ponchielli – La Gioconda Libretto (Italian/English).

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A day in spring. Giocinda scene is crowded with sailors and celebrating people. Barnaba is leaning against a column with a guitar slung around his neck. In the back is a door to St.

Mark’s Church; above the courtyard wall is a Lion’s Mouth with the inscription: Our Republic Will subjugate all nations Until all galley crews and people Have feasting and bread. Mirth extinguishes thunderbolts And sunders the chains that bind. Who sings is free. Who laughs is strong. This is the will of that God serene Who gladdened this lagoon With the silver of the moon And the crimson of the sun.

Bells peal and trumpets sound. The bells of St. Mark Are joyfully pealing. Long live the Doge and the Republic! The trumpets are now Announcing the start of the regatta.

Whether the gibbet or maypole be raised, ‘Tween two columns the minstrel Barnaba Spins his web, and the filaments Are the strings of his instrument. With subtle work Of hand and ear I pick off harmful gadflies On behalf of the State. And never My hearing fails. If I could ensnare For my greedy desires and soon A most captivating buttefly!

Back to my place. For a safe librwtto By me you’ll be guided. Your day begins again Its quiet and placid course. Love her and catch her In my spider’s web! O fearsome rapture Of my soul! The grateful Butterfly looks this way!

La Gioconda (Libretto)

Rest here on the steps of the church, And I will go in search of my beloved. I told you once already that I cannot bear your enigmatic face. O light of my eyes, Where are you? If the mother gioconca in my power If the angel of maternal love helps me, Gioconda will be mine!


I swear to Hades! The winner of the regatta enters, carried in triumph by a crowd of men, women, shipwrights, Barnabite monks, among them guardsmen, Isepo and Zuane, who stands apart sadly.

Master Zuane, you have a sickly look. One could truly say that in the regatta You did not carry off the pennant. See that blind woman Gaming and horse races! The Blind One looks at us. The Blind One sees us! Spare that venerable head Or I shall draw my sword! A brave battle you wage Against infirmity deprived of light! A race of cowards has been born To the winged lion of St. The shackles tear into her. Why are you held by that mob? Wait that I may speak Now I can break the ice that chilled me My heart surges up She was librettto angel Of my childhood.

I was ever smiling In songs we make our livelihood and To all who ask I sing gay melodies, And to God she chants Her holy prayers. This powerful lord will save her! Her evil silence proves it. Still you cannot leave me Without a pious offering. I gipconda you this rosary, Pray, accept it.

With my prayers added It will bring you luck. May my benediction Be on your head.

Laura takes the rosary; Cieca extends her hands to bless Laura, who starts to kneel, but Alvise prevents her. He throws a purse to Gioconda. Lovely singer, this gloconda is yours.

All go into church, except Enzo who remains lo s t in thought, and Barnaba who stands glaring at him.

Are you thinking of Lady Laura Badoero? I can penetrate to the bottom of your thoughts. Genoa was your birthplace Venice has outlawed you, but a strong Desire pulls you back once more to face death. Despairing of ever seeing her again on earth, Now, under her mask, your angel appeared And recognized you Laura will be aboard your ship. O cry of my soul, bursting from a full heart! I have found again the angel of heavenly love.


But who are you, my doleful benefactor? He opens his mantle and jacket and shows on his jerkin the letters in silver: I am the powerful demon of the Council of Ten. I love Gioconda who hates me … I swore to crush her heart. Enzo’s death would be too easy.

I want you to betray her. From her cruel sentence of grief Save my adored Laura and return her to me. All my triumph is shown me by your eyes.

We’ll carry through this black deed: Gioconda’s idol will be destroyed And everything will be annulled. He goes to the back and opens a door next to the prisons. There, hand it me. Be silent and go.

La Gioconda (opera) – Wikipedia

He takes the sheet and Isepo exits. O monumentl Ducal palace and hell hole! Glory of this and future ages; Your wicked cruelty Is built on two tortures. Gjoconda base are your pozzi, the peak your piombi.

Amilcare Ponchielli – La Gioconda (Libretto)

Before your facade of marble and gold Doves soar in flight. You alternate joy and horror with secret schemes, Here the people exult, Here the people die.

Fling open your maw of darkness, Even if blood should choke it! I am the ear and your the mouth: Giocondaa throws the note into the Lion’s Mouth and leaves. A dancing masquerade enters; then a Barnabite, Gioconda and Cieca. Festive crowd of people Come! Glory to the Lord! Let us hear the song Of the Holy Vesper Kneeling on the ground. O mother, support me My destiny is this: Either love or death!

Put your hand upon my heart. Feel and know, mother, my sorrow!