When you add text to an image, GIMP adds specific informations. This command lets you discard these informations, transforming the current text layer into a. Fortunately, paths are represented in SVG files in almost exactly the same way they are represented in GIMP. (Actually fortune has nothing to do with it: GIMP’s. 3. Rendering a Grid. Prev, Chapter Enrich my GIMP, Next. 3. Rendering a Grid. How can you create a grid that is actually part of the image? You can’t do this.

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Rasterize a text layer with GIMP Python or Script-Fu () — GIMP Development —

The way I’m doing it is by drawing the pixel art on low resolution so I can place individual pixels and when I want to add the text I upscale the image 10 times and add the text.

The problem is that when I am trying to make corrections to the pixelart I have to downscale the image 10 times and when I do that all images get rasterized, forcing me to recreate them when I upscale the image again which is especially painful when I try to create or edit the speech bubbles. Just to add to user’s already excellent answer, you could take the Insckape route, but use it in conjunction with a linked raster file, and avoid the need to do any resampling.

So all you basically need is the low resolution pixel image. When placing a linked file in Inkscape, you can set the raster object rendering property to “optimizeSpeed”, and then enlarge it in Inkscape, and then add any text.


The example below shows a raster image being edited in GIMP on the right. And the image placed as rasteize linked raster image in Inkscape on the left together with some text I added.

How to rasterize a layer in gimp

I suggest another workflow. Pixel art really is technically easiest to create in low resolution bitmap graphics program because you can draw, paint rasferize set individual pixels as easily.

But you add texts in much higher resolution to make them easily readable. If yes, then rasterrize can add the texts as well in Inkscape, where all inserted objects are easily kept separate. The texts stay as easily editable vector shapes until you want to rasterize them.

In the following example a shape was drawn in GIMP onto a 60 pix high canvas.

It was zoomed out during the work and when it was ready, a screenshot was copied and pasted to Inkscape, where the text was added. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How can I resize my image without rasterizing the text layers? I am trying to make a pixelart comic.

Is there some way to prevent this from happening?

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Edits to the linked raster file will update in Inkscape automatically. Nice to learn this trick!

Wow, this means I don’t even have to resize the original image on gimp? I’ll check this once I get home and accept the answer: Loupax – yes – no need to resize in GIMP! But it was not entirely my own idea. Some thanks must also go to user I will be quite happy if you vote to accept his answer instead. Loupax this is not the first time when user Billy Kerr has brought in his underhood knowledge and extended my coarse answer to a professional level. You should select his answer to point it to others who have the same problem.


This is getting a liiiiitle rasterrize A small error was noticed. You could even use a linked raster image in Inkscape, set the raster object property to “omptiseSpeed”, enlarge it in Inkscape, and add an add any text.

BillyKerr if you write that method with a example as an rasteriz, I will upvote it. It’s a remarkable extension. I added an answer! No way to prevent that.

Paths and SVG files

To sidestep the issue: If you are using single-window mode, you may have to drag to the the image tab. Delete the original pixel art layer If needed you can also arrange your layers in groups you can drag groups of layers.

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