: The Classical Tradition: Greek and Roman Influences on Western Literature (): Gilbert Highet: Books. Gilbert Highet. Oxford University Press and Stella, is not discussed. Otherwise, Highet comprehensively surveys the classical tradition in later Western thought. The Classical Tradition has 90 ratings and 14 reviews. This landmark book will you please provide a full ecopy of the Classical tradition of Gilbert highet?.

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Originally published inGilbert Highet’s seminal The Classical Tradition is a herculean feat of comparative literature and a landmark publication in the history of classical reception. As Highet states in the opening lines of his Preface, this book outlines “the chief ways in which Greek and Latin influence has moulded the literatures of western Europe and America”. With that simple statement, Highet takes his reader on a sweeping exploration of the history of western literature.

To summarize what he covers is a near-impossible task. Discussions of Ovid and French yilbert of the Middle Ages and Chaucer’s engagement with Virgil and Cicero lead, swiftly, into arguments of Christian versus “pagan” works in the Renaissance, Baroque imitations of Seneca, and the re birth of satire. Building momentum through Byron, Tennyson, and the rise of “art of art’s sake”, Highet, at last, arrives at his conclusion: Though his humanist style may appear out-of-date in today’s postmodernist world, there is a value to ensuring this influential work reaches a new generation, and Highet’s light touch and persuasive, engaging voice guarantee the book’s usefulness for a contemporary audience.


The Classical Tradition – Gilbert Highet; Harold Bloom – Oxford University Press

Indeed, the book is free of the jargon-filled style of literary criticism that plagues much of current scholarship. Accompanied by a new foreword by renown critic Harold Bloom, this reissue will enable new readers to appreciate the enormous legacy of classical literature in the canonical works of medieval, Renaissance, and modern Europe and America.

Foreword Preface Abbreviations Chapter 1: English Literature Chapter 3: French Literature Chapter 4: Dante and Pagan Antiquity Chapter gilbeet Petrarch, Boccaccio, Chaucer Chapter 6: Pastoral and Romance Chapter Rabelais and Montaigne Chapter The Renaissance and Afterwards: Lyric Poetry Chapter The Battle of the Books Chapter higget A Note on Baroque.

The book, like Curtius’ European Literature and the Latin Middle Ages, is a monument to a certain moment of midth-century classicism, deeply humane, fundamentally conservative, committed to putting back together what seemed like the shattered pieces of Western civilization higjet the wake of Nazi barbarism. It is its vast scope, its capacious overview, that gives it its power.


The Classical Tradition : Gilbert Highet :

The Classical Tradition does full justice to the complexity of this millenial story: Highet shows us both how ancient books shaped later readers, and how medieval and modern writers used classical elements to build their own, distinctive literatures. Learned, epigrammatic, and humanely opinionated, Highet’s book gilbet as readable as it is comprehensive.

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The Classical Tradition : Greek and Roman Influences on Western Literature

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