If the system is plugged into an Ethernet network with a DHCP. The Gentoo minimal installation CD is a bootable image. Installing the Gentoo installation files. From Gentoo Wiki.

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The documentation recommends creating a new user account and logging in on a separate virtual tty to load links with the install docs, then switching back and forth between a command tty and the docs tty. This will work but it’s clumsy, slow, and aggravating. A better solution is to use “screen” which is already included on the minimal install Uandbook.

The docs can be viewed side-by-side with one or more command shells on the same terminal with the following commands:. Each “screen” can be split further into more windows. I would suggest including these instructions in the install docs in addition to or instead of the virtual terminal switching method.

While not a recommendation, this section suggests using “no-multilib” for a pure bit environment.

As, the SYNC variable in make. You will should use. Sorry my bad english. Is there a reason Handbook doesn’t suggest “ntpdate pool. There’s an apparent typo on a whole series of these wiki pages. I created and validated wiki account for myself, but alas, it doesn’t yet give me the option to edit the pages – so apparently I can’t correct it. About the optional systemd and Gnome, could you mention that systemd is also required for programs like Banshee that highly depend on Gnome architecture.

The link to the Gentoo AMD64 project site https: The “–make-rslave” operation creeps in without mention of it being optional, if it is, and without yet mention that it is because of systemd. Note The –make-rslave operations are needed for systemd support later in the installation. Banshee is software that is loaded with commercial interests, namely Amazon.


Handbook:Main Page – Gentoo Wiki

If it has dependency issues then those should be dealt with at the Banshee development site, not here. The Handbook heavily relies on the assumption that the network interface name is eth0, which is highly unlikely with the new udev naming rules.

Recommending the use of. So I suggest to specify that if we log into another terminal we should tail the file inside the mounted folder by doing:. In the ” Download the media ” section which discusses the “minimal installation CDs”, the link to “the downloads page recommended ” is to the “Advanced Choices and other Architectures” section of that page. Shouldn’t it be to the top of the page no section anchor where links to download the “normal” amd64 Minimal Installation CD, LiveDVD, and Stage 3 files are to be found?

I see the Handbook mentions that Grub2 can’t be used, and efibootmgr should be used instead. However, using grub2 is a suitable option. I’m able to do so with the following GRUB entry:. If the default gpg port cannot be opened in the firewall then you might want to use something like:. First of all, I think it should try to keep the “parted” and “fdisk” examples as coherent as possible.

However, it does use an example partitioning scheme with bios boot and boot see below. This suggestion is incoherent with point 2. It also doesn’t guide the user to a UEFI installation. In particular, the user will fail to grub-install with EFI, as suggested in the handbook.

This is incoherent with point 2. There should be two scenarios: Hopefully some of this helps but I know not all of it will be implemented. Prior to “Introduction to block devices” it would be nice if there was a title that said something like preparing the disk, since that is what is referred to above in the document. I’d probably get the user to chroot a couple terminals at least because then they would be able to do some reading while something is going on it another window, or easily compare say the output of lspci to what they’re inputing in makeconfig, etc.


I am lost at https: Looking at “If that is the case, it might be Perhaps after “using the MBR format. Someone suggested this be split into 3 sections “bios with mbr, efi with gpt, bios with gpt” DavidC talk After “root eselect locale set 9”, the shell tells the user to run something like. So I think the best option here is to tell the user not to follow the prompting of the shell before giving the set 9 command. There seems to be a lot of random traversal of the kernel configuration.

Gentoo handbook amd64 pdf ^966^

It would be beneficial to group all sections together which access similar hierarchies. It would probably also be good to include the hotkeys in this menu so that the user can traverse it more quickly.

Also in this section, observe: Otherwise, grub-install will silently fail. This discussion is done. Warning Switching from a no-multilib to a multilib-enabled profile is currently not supported conversion hintsso think over your decision twice before you use the no-multilib profile.

CODE List of pages with typo in them. This discussion is still ongoing. Retrieved from ” https: