JStove is back with another Necromunda breakdown. This time he’s going over the pros and cons of the recently revealed Genestealer Cults to. Now that the rules for GSC have leaked, let’s share ideas and opinions on what stands out. All in all, I think they are a strong gang and have. So forge world just put up a list to use Gene stealer cults in Necromunda. So just wondering what are peoples thoughts? Are they a good group.

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When Necromunda first launched, I was excited.

It was one of my favorite games when I was a young tabletop gamer. It was cheap to get into compared to a full 40k armyit played faster, the rules were solid, and it tickled that RPG-lite genestealef with the Campaign.


Genestealer Cult tease on Necromunda website? : Warhammer40k

So when it was making its return I knew I wanted in. Orlocks 4 Lyfe…or so I thought. I was an old school House Orlock player. So when they announced the two gangs would be Golaith and Escher I was a little bummed.

Genestealer Cult Tactics and Analysis : necromunda

Until I saw the Sculpts:. Not what I was expecting. Instead we got these new sculpts. I actually have a box of them, hoping I would get inspired as I necromunad looking at the sprues…but they just sort of fell flat for me.

At least I had my Four-Armed Emperor loyalists on the way…. They already had a kit.

Houses of the Underhive

They were already part of the background. All GW needed to do was hammer out genestaeler updated rules and let the players go from there.

Plus, since my last serious adventure into Necromunda, I had started my Tyranid Army and had picked-up some GSC allies as a small detachment. So I was ready.


Well, my dreams came true this March with the latest issue of the White Dwarf. They have some fitting skills and also some fitting penalties.

Have you seen those models?!

So get your gangs out and ready for the next batch because with Gang War 2, the Orlocks and the Genestealer Cult Necromunda is starting to take shape into a real gang-land turf war! Search anything and hit enter.

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