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Name of Standards Organization: Standardization Administration of China (SAC) LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT. Identifier gbc Buy GB Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes? Part 1:General requirements from SAI Global. GB Translated English of Chinese Standard. GB Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes – Part.

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Our European and International, “Country specific”, power cords can be found by using 2099.1 “Search Power Cords by Country” search feature on our homepage. We have developed a worldwide electrical configuration power chart and guide to assist with determining and selecting County specific plug type and plug types. Use this handy link for selecting plug types and plug type for cords, plugs 20999.1 connectors, power strips and power outlets.

Our North American and Canada hospital grade power cords are viewable at this link.

Guobiao standards

Hospital Grade Power Cords Green dot hospital grade power cords are manufactured in various lengths and plug color options. Clear hospital grade plug 20099.1, gray hospital grade plug cords and black hospital grade plug cords that are produced with detachable C and or detachable C molded on connector ends or with unterminated ends for direct hard wiring to equipment.


Hospital Grade power cords are also known as Medical Grade power cords.

Our green dot, UL approved, hospital grade cables meet applicable agency and testing requirements for use in hospitals, clinics, institutions and medical faciities that need high quality durable hospital and medical grade power cords.

Our International IEC are manufactured in a complete range of lengths for Data Centers, computer equipment, business machines and original equipment manufactures needs.

Short power cords to long power cord versions available that start at 12 inches long then incrementally increase in length by the foot and go all gv way up to 25 feet long cables or longer if needed.

Since we manufacture power cords custom length power cords and cables can be manufactured to specific requirements usually within 2 weeks. Various length power cord or extension cord can be manufactured in our USA or overseas facilities.

International configurations products are available through our Company network of websites. Visit Main Website InternationalConfig.

International Configurations is located in Enfield, Connecticut. Tb we manufacture, stock or distribute are certified by relevant regulatory approval agencies meet product standards, both foreign and domestic. Incandescent Fixtures Light Fixtures: Fluorescent Fixtures Light Fixtures: Halogen Fixtures Light Fixtures: Incandescent V Light Bulbs: Fluorescent V Light Bulbs: Chinese Type I power cords are black as standard color.

Chinese power cords in white or gray are special order.


Custom length and shielded Chinese power cords available. Terminated, custom stripping, hanked Chinese cords available. C to C Powercords. C to Unterminated Powercords.

PVC Power Cord with Four-phase Plug, GB 2099.1 and GB 1003 Standards

Combination Configuration Approved Power Cords. C to C-5 Powercords. C to C-7 Powercords. C-7 to Unterminated Powercords. C-5 to Unterminated Powercords. Visit Our Main Website for:.

Plugs, Connectors, Outlets, Inlets, Powerstrips, etc. Rating Description Length View 2. Chinese detachable power cords and power supply cords supplied by International Configurations, Inc.

Guobiao standards – Wikipedia

Type I terminology, indicated above for Chinese power cord plugs, is an alphabetical letter classification coding system used primarily for quickly identifying the electrical configuration of plugs, receptacles and power cords sets used in China.

Our extensive and complete G product line includes power receptacle outlets, RCD GFCI receptacle outlets, weatherproof receptacle outlets, sockets, multiple outlet power strips, power supply cords, light fixtures, MCB circuit breakers, electrical panels, power 0299.1 wire, plug adapters and transformers.

Contact us for Chinese electrical devices and power cords. IEC Power Cords. Visit Our Main Website for:

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