Dan juga untuk mencegah terbentuknya garam FeSO4 pada suhu rendah. 3. Reaksi antara NH4OH + H2SO4 bagaimana reaksinya? Keadaan reaksinya?. EXPERIMENT 2 Synthesis of Mohr Salt 14 April A. Objective Study the Mohr salt from the reaction between the iron with sulfuric acid and.

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Sintesis Garam Mohr Download Report. Published on Dec View 36 Download 0. ObjectiveStudy the Mohr salt from the reaction between the iron with sulfuric acid and ammonia solutionB. TheoryMohr salt is a double salt gaarm has mhr chemical formula FeSO4. The physical form of salt Mohr is greenish crystals. The green color is caused by the presence of Fe II. Compounds Fe is one of the complex salt-forming compounds or double salt Mohr.

Fe compounds in the form of Mohr salt or K4Fe CN 6 potential as a reducing agent in the reaction of iodate reduction in salt.

Mohr salt or ammonium ferrous sulfate FeSO4. Tri Wulandari, Such as copper and zinc, iron in nature are as sulfide Fe2S. But it is not used as a mineral ore as remnants of trace sulfur difficult to remove. As stated by its name, magnetite is attracted by a magnet.

Iron can be made from iron ore in a furnace. Iron can also be magneted. These minerals have the potential to be developed as an industrial material.

Magnetite, for example, can be used as a base material for dry ink toner on a photo-copy machines and laser printers, while maghemit is the main ingredient for tape-cassette.

Magnetic minerals in the upper third digunakansebagai also dyes and mixtures filler for the paint as well as the basic material for permanent industrimagnet. Bijaksana, The properties of very smooth iron is pyrophoric. Metal soluble in mineral acids. Dilute or concentrated hydrochloric acid mlhr dilute sulfuric acid dissolves the iron, in which the resulting salts of iron II and hydrogen gas.

Pure iron is quite reactive. In the damp air quickly oxidized give iron III oxide hydrate rust are not able to gara, because this substance is destroyed and let the new metal surface open.

The properties possessed of the element iron is easily corroded iron in moist air with the formation of rust Fe2O3. Whereas if left in the open air, the iron will form Fe2O3 ferric oxideand if one is not consumed by the alkaline iron, the iron can be dissolved in dilute sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid to agram H2, and concentrated sulfuric acid does not take the iron.

Annisa, Pure iron is a silver-white metal, which is strong and tough. Melts at C. There is rarely a purely commercial iron, iron usually contain small amounts of carbides, silicides, phosphides, and sulfides of iron, and a little graphite. Contaminants have played an important role in the strength of the iron structure. Ions and complexes combined colored old tongs are also common.

The less acidic the solution, the more obvious this effect, in a neutral or even alkaline oxygen from the atmosphere will oxidize iron II.

Then a solution of iron II should be slightly acidic when you want to keep for a long time. They are more stable than the salt, iron II.


Sintesis Garam Mohr

If the solution containing chloride, the color becomes stronger. Svehla, Salts of iron II sulfate can join sulfate salts of alkali salts, forming a double salt with a general formula that can be described as M2Fe SO4.

For double salt with M is NH4, which made the number of moles of iron II sulfate and ammonium sulfate same, then the result is known as Mohr salt.

Mohr salt was prepared by mixing both sulfate salts of iron II and ammonium, wherein each salt is dissolved to saturation and the iron II added a little sour. At the time of cooling results in both salt mixture above will be obtained crystal bluish green with monoclinicic form.

Oxidation solution gqram iron II is highly dependent pH, occurs much more easily at high pH. Ammonium ions make Mohr salt solution slightly acidic, which slows down the oxidation process. Sulfuric acid is generally added to the solution to reduce the oxidation of iron.

Anonymous, Crystal or crystalline solid that is an atom, molecule, or ion constituent packed regular and repetitive pattern extends in three dimensions.

In general, a liquid form crystals when subjected to the compaction process. In ideal conditions, the result can be a single crystal, which all atoms in solids “attached” to the grid or the same crystal structure, but in general, most of the crystals are formed simultaneously resulting polycrystalline solids.

For example, most metals which we see everyday are polycrystalline. Crystal structure which is formed of a liquid, depends on the its fluid chemistry, when the solidification conditions and ambient pressure. The process of formation of the crystalline structure known as crystallization. Lecturer of Inorganic Chemistry Team, C. Solution A Solution BE. Evaporating ammonium sulfate solution until saturatedHeating ang let the iron powder dissolve by stirringH. Filtering the solution in hot condition.

Then, evaporating until the solution formed mihr on the surfaceMixing solution A and solution B in hot conditionRefrigerating the solution until formed the crsytal of ammonium ferrous sulfate with light green colorWeighing the crystal and calculating yaram yieldPurifying the crystalby recrystallization process with a little hot waterE.

Observation Data and Analysis Data1. Color and structure of H2SO4: Color and structure of iron powder: Color and structure of NH3: Reaction occured in the experimen: The calculation of the theoretical weigh of Mohr salt: Weight of Mohr salt as a product: Color and structure crystal of Mohr salt: Bluish green toscacrsytal8.

Purity levels of Mohr salt: DiscussionIn this practicum, conducted the experiments of Mohr salt mmohr.

Sintesis Garam Mohr

This experiment aims to study the Mohr salt from the reaction between the iron with sulfuric acid, and ammonia. Mohr salt is made by reacting the iron with sulfuric acid solution and ammonia solution.

The iron used in this experiment is the iron powder. The purpose of the use of iron powder is to accelerate the reaction, because the reaction rate is proportional with the surface of a substance.

In this experiment, all of the solution that used is concentratd solution, so that this experiment is done in a fume hood because of the concentrated solution will cause a pungent odor and dangerous for practitioner. This is a standard and one of safety lab procedures. The first step that we do in this experiment is make solution A, solution A is made by neutralizing the sulfuric acid solution with ammonia solution, so that this reaction produced the solution of ammonium sulfate.


Ammonia solution is as a ligand that has an orbital containing the unpaired electron to its interaction with the metal, classic form coordination complexes with metals. Then the solution is evaporated until the volume is reduced about a half of its volume before heating.

The purpose of this evaporating process the evaporate of ammoni solution which may not react with sulfuric acid solution. Ammonium sulfate solution is colorless. Sulfuric acid solution is a solvent containing ionizable garma and strong acid or weak acid. Then heating this solution until all part of the iron is completely dissolved and the color omhr solution is light green. In addition, heating is also as monr catalyst to accelerate the reaction, so that all the iron can be dissolved completely.

After all part of iron powder are dissolved, then filter the solution and evaporate the filtrate in a porcelain cup, until forming a light green solution and there are crystal on its surface. The purpose of filtering and evaporation of this is to avoid the formation of crystals at low temperatures and to reduce the water molecules in the solution.

This is done to prevent crystallization solution at a low temperature and to accelerate the reaction. So that this reaction produced light green solution. Then the solution is cooled in the refrigerator for 3 days in order to form Mohr salt crystals. After cooled, the mixture solution is filtered to separate the solution with Mohr salt crystals.

Thus obtained Mohr salt crystals with gram shape and has bluish-green color due to contained Fe with NH4 2SO4 which form complex compounds. The purpose of used hot water is to eliminate the impuritiy materials that may be still present in Mohr salt crystals.

So that this produced pure Mohr salt gsram that has bluish green color. In this experiment obtained 5, grams of Mohr salt crystal. According to the data, the theoretical mass of Mohr salt crsytal should be produced is 24, grams. This purity levels is obtained from the calculation result weight of Mohr salt crystal from the experiment result: Mohr salt can be prepared from the reaction of iron with sulfuric acid and ammonia solution. Practitioner must understand the procedure and theory before doing the experiment Equipments and materials that will be used should be in good condition Practitioner should be more careful in observe the solution A until it saturated Practitioner should be more careful in stirring the solution B until Iron garm dissolve perfectly Practitioner should maintain the cohessiveness within the members of the groupH.

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