v January NETGEAR, Inc. East Plumeria Drive. San Jose, CA ProSafe VPN Firewall FVX Reference. Manual. Netgear FVX download manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Netgear FVX router. Other Netgear FVX Guides. View and Download Netgear FVX – ProSafe VPN Firewall Router reference manual online. VPN Firewall. FVX – ProSafe VPN Firewall Router.

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Netgear FVX538 – ProSafe VPN Firewall 200 Router Reference Manual

NETGEAR does not assume any liability that may occur due to the use or application of the product s or circuit layout s described herein. Federal Office for Manua Approvals has been notified of the placing of this equipment on the market and has been granted the right to test the series for compliance with the regulations. Voluntary Control Council for Interference VCCI Statement This equipment is in the second category information equipment to be used in a residential area or an adjacent area thereto and conforms to the standards set by the Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Data Processing Equipment and Electronic Office Machines aimed at preventing radio interference in such residential areas.

Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm” in all material mentioning or referencing this software or this function. Product and Publication Details Model Number: March Product Family: English Publication Part Number: E-1 What are the benefits of Two-Factor Authentication?

E-1 What is Two-Factor Authentication E-2 Index Contents xiii v1. The information in this manual is intended for readers with intermediate computer and Internet skills. Conventions, Formats and Scope The conventions, formats, and scope of this manual are described in the following paragraphs. Revision History Version Part Number Support for up to internal LAN users and 50K connections. The FVX will log security events such as blocked incoming traffic, port scans, attacks, and administrator logins.

You can configure the firewall to email the log to you at specified intervals. You can also configure the firewall to send immediate alert messages to your email address or email pager whenever a significant event occurs. Keep the carton, including the original packing materials, in case you need to return the firewall for repair.

Figure Table describes each item on the front panel and its operation.


Figure Viewed from left to right, the rear panel contains the following elements: To automatically configure the WAN ports and connect to the Internet: The options are described in the following table. At this point of fv5x38 configuration process, you are now connected to the Internet through WAN port 1. What type of IPS connection do you use? Check the Yes radio mmanual. The text box fields that require data entry will be highlighted, based on the connection that you selected.

Click Reset to discard any changes and revert to the previous settings. If you connect successfully and your settings work, then you may click Logout or go on and configure additional settings. Click Apply to apply the settings. Click Reset to return to the previous settings. Traffic Meter Settings Parameter Description Increase this Use this to temporarily increase the Traffic Limit if you have reached the monthly month’s limit limit, but need to continue accessing the Internet.


Check the checkbox and enter the desired increase. Link failure is detected in one of fgx538 following ways: Enter the Maximum Failover amount. The WAN interface is considered down after the configured number of queries have failed to elicit a reply. The rollover cvx538 is brought up after this. The only way to make certain traffic goes out one port and all other traffic goes out the other port is to use WAN2 for specified traffic. Service — From the pull-down menu, select the desired Services or applications to be covered by this rule.

Modify the parameters for the protocol binding service you selected. The modified rule will be enabled and appear in the Protocol Binding table. Click Reset to return to the previously configured settings. After you have mabual your account information in the firewall, whenever your ISP-assigned IP address changes, your firewall will automatically contact your DDNS service provider, log in to your account, and register your new IP address.

Each DNS service fgx538 requires registration and you then cvx538 its parameters on the corresponding tab page. A link to each DDNS provider is to the fvx53 of the tab pages. Click Apply to save your configuration.

If you cannot establish an Internet connection and the Internet LED blinks continuously, you may have to manually select the port speed.

AutoSense is the default. DHCP Relay options allow you to make the firewall a dhcp relay agent. The LAN Setup screen will display. Enter the IP Address of your router factory default: Enter the Starting IP Address. This address specifies the first of the contiguous addresses in the IP address pool. The IP address For example, if the DNS servers for each fvx58 are different, then a link failure may render the DNS servers inaccessible.

However, when the DNS proxy is enabled, then clients can make requests to the router and the router, in turn, sends those requests to the DNS servers of the active connection.

The Dvx538 link allows you to make changes to the selected entry. Instead, you can just select the desired PC or device. Every computer that receives a response from the router will be added to the Network Database.

Each PC or device can be assigned to a single group. By default, a computer is assigned to the first group Group 1. To change the group assignment by selecting the Edit link in the Action column. Click Apply to save your settings. If another device on your DMZ network will be the DHCP server, or if you will manually configure all devices, leave the Disable option default checked.

Select Active to make this route effective. Select Private if you want to limit access to the LAN only. The static route will not be advertised in RIP. Enter the Destination IP Address to the host or network to which the route leads.

It allows a router to exchange its routing information automatically with other routers, and allows it to dynamically adjust its routing tables and adapt to changes in the network. From the RIP Version pull-down menu, select the version: This is the most commonly supported version. Click Save to save your settings. Static Route Example For example, you may require a static route if: This chapter includes the following sections: NAT performs a very limited stateful inspection in that it considers whether the incoming packet is in fvx58 to an outgoing fvx583, but true Stateful Packet Inspection goes far beyond NAT.


Netgear FVX538 – ProSafe VPN Firewall 200 Router Reference Manual: Command Line Interface

Using Rules to Block or Allow Specific Kinds of Traffic Firewall rules are used to block or allow specific traffic passing through from one side to the other. Outbound Rules continued Item Description LAN users These settings determine which computers on your network are affected by this rule.

Select the desired options: Figure For any traffic attempting to pass through the firewall, the manua information is subjected to the fvx5388 in the order shown in the Rules Table, beginning at the top and proceeding to the bottom.

Figure Vfx538 make changes to an existing outbound or inbound service rule: In the Action column adjacent to the rule click: By adding custom rules, you can block or allow access based on the fvx358 or application, source or destination IP addresses, and time of day. If you have not defined any rules, no rules will be listed. By default, all inbound traffic is blocked.

Remember that allowing inbound services opens holes in your firewall. The default outbound policy can be changed to block all outbound traffic and enable manula specific services to pass through the router by adding an Outbound services Rule.

Figure Firewall Protection and Content Filtering Click Reset to cancel your settings and return to the previous settings. Click Apply to save your changes and reset the fields on this screen. The new rule will be listed on the Outbound Services table. A UDP flood is a form of denial of service attack that can be initiated when one machine sends a large number of UDP packets to random ports on a remote host.

Manuap a result, the distant host will 1 check for the application listening at that port, 2 see that no application is listening at that port and 3 reply with an ICMP Destination Unreachable packet. This feature is enabled on the Session Limit screen and shown below in Figure Click the Yes radio button under Do you want to enable Session Limit? From the User Limit Parameter drop-down list, define the maximum number of sessions per IP either as a percentage of maximum sessions or as an absolute.

The other addresses are available to map to your servers. The following addressing scheme is used to illustrate this procedure: From the Action pull-down menu, select Allow Always. Create an inbound rule that allows all protocols.