VALIDITAS DAN PRAKTIKALITAS MODUL UNTUK MATERI FUNGSI PEMBANGKIT PADA PERKULIAHAN MATEMATIKA DISKRIT DI STKIP PGRI SUMATERA. fungsi pembangkit lebih sederhana daripada pendekatan lain terutama bila lebih from METODOLOGI at University of Semarang. Matematika Diskrit. Materi Kuliah Matematika Diskrit 1 Logika 2 Teori Himpunan 3 Matriks 4 Relasi Fungsi Pembangkit dan Analisis Rekurens Matriks, Relasi dan Fungsi 4.

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Diskret 00 Overview Download Report. Published on Nov View 19 Download 7. Matematika lebih dari sekedar pengertian tersebut, These concepts can be about numbers, symbols, objects, images, sounds, anything!

Diskret 00 Overview

Mathematics is, most generally, the study of any and all absolutely certain truths about any and all perfectly well-defined concepts. One theory of philosophy: Perhaps our universe is nothing other than just a complex mathematical structure!

Its just one that happens to include us! Definisi dari matematika diskret: The part of math devoted to the study of discrete objects and the discrete structures used to represent them. Bilangan integer adalah diskret.

Discrete Mathematics

Bilangan real lebih cenderung dikatakan sebagai kontinyu dibandingkan dengan diskret. Discrete Mathematics – The study of discrete, mathematical objects and structures. Apa yang dimaksud dengan kata diskrit discrete? Benda disebut diskrit jika: Informasi yang disimpan dan dimanipulasi oleh komputer adalah dalam bentuk diskrit. Matematika diskrit merupakan ilmu dasar dalam pendidikan informatika atau ilmu komputer. Struktur diskrit adalah matematika yang khas informatika Matematika-nya orang Informatika.

Computer science adalah study dari computer programming plus beberapa fundamental tentang sintaks dan semantik dari bahasa komputer, sistem operasi, data basis serta analisa pemrograman.

Termasuk didalamnya adalah proofs of the correctness of programs, proofs of the time and space complexity of programs. Merupakan fondasi utama dari hampir semua bidang dalam computer science. Konsep konsep pada Matematika Diskret juga digunakan secara luas pada bidang-bidang yang lain, seperti: Berapa banyak kemungkinan jumlah password yang dapat dibuat dari 8 karakter?

Bagaimana nomor ISBN sebuah buku divalidasi? Berapa banyak string biner yang panjangnya 8 bit yang mempunyai bit 1 sejumlah ganjil? Bagaimana menentukan lintasan terpendek dari satu kota a ke kota b?

Buktikan bahwa perangko senilai n n 8 rupiah dapat menggunakan hanya perangko 3 rupiah dan 5 rupiah sajaDiberikan dua buah algoritma untuk menyelesaian sebuah persoalan, algoritma mana yang terbaik?

Dapatkah kita melalui semua jalan di sebuah kompleks perubahan tepat hanya sekali dan kembali lagi ke tempat semula? Makanan murah tidak enak, makanan enak tidak murah.

Apakah kedua pernyataan tersebut menyatakan hal yang sama? Check validity of simple logical arguments proofs.

Check the correctness of simple algorithms. Creatively construct simple instances of valid logical arguments and correct algorithms. Describe the definitions and properties of a variety of specific types of discrete structures.

Correctly read, represent and analyze various types of discrete structures using standard notations. Tidak bersandal dan berkaosBusana muslimah yang pantasToleransi terlambat masuk kelas: Since different courses have different lengths of lecture periods, and different instructors go at different paces, rather than dividing the material up into fixed-length lectures, we will divide it up into modules which correspond to major topic areas and will generally take lectures to cover.


Within modules, we have smaller topics. Within topics are individual pembajgkit. The instructor can bring several modules to each lecture with him, to make sure he has enough material to funhsi the lecture, or in case he wants to preview or review slides from upcoming or recent mateamtika lectures. But, it is a type of mathematics that may be unfamiliar to you. You may have concluded from your exposure to math so far that mathematics is primarily about numbers.

But really, thats not true at all. The essence of mathematics is just the study of formal systems in general. A formal system is any kind of entity that is defined perfectly precisely, so that there can be no matematikw about what is meant.

Once such a system has been set forth, and a set of rules for reasoning about it has been laid out, then, anything you can deduce about that system while matemqtika those rules is an absolute certainty, within the context of that system and those rules.

Number systems arent the only kinds of system that we can reason about, just one kind that pembnagkit widely useful. For example, we diskriy reason about geometrical figures in geometry, surfaces and other spaces in topology, images in image algebra, and so forth.

Any time you pemnangkit define what you are talking about, set forth a set of definite axioms and rules for some system, then it is by definition a mathematical system, and any time pembangoit discover some unarguable consequence of those rules, you are doing mathematics.

In this course, well dungsi many kinds of perfectly precisely defined and thus, fungzi definition, mathematical concepts other than just numbers. You will learn something of the richness and variety of mathematics. And, we will also teach you the language and methods of logic, which allow us to describe mathematical proofs, which are linguistic presentations that establish conclusively the absolute truth of certain statements theorems about these concepts.

In a sense, its easy to create your own new branch of mathematics, never before discovered: Whether anyone else finds your new area of mathematics particularly interesting is another matter. The areas of math that have been thoroughly explored by large numbers of people are generally ones that have a large number of applications in helping to understand some other subject, whether it be another area of mathematics, or physics, or economics, biology, sociology, or whatever other field.

Actually that title is misleading. Although discrete math has many applications, which well survey in a moment, this class is not really about applications so much as it is about basic mathematical skills and concepts. My guess is that the only reason we call the course Applications of Discrete Structures rather than just Discrete Mathematics so that the people over in the Math department dont get upset that were teaching our own basic math course over here, rather than leaving it to them.

Anyway, that issue aside, you may be wondering, what is a discrete pembangki anyway? Well, by discrete we dont mean something thats kept secret thats discreet ;embangkit a double-e, a homonym, a completely different English word with a completely different meaning. No, our word discrete just means something made of distinct, atomic parts, as opposed to something that is smooth and continuous, like the curves you studied in calculus.


Later in the course well learn how to formalize this distinction more precisely using the concepts of countable versus uncountable sets. But for now, this intuitive concept suffices. By dkskrit we just mean objects that can be built up from simpler objects according to some definite, regular pattern, as opposed to unstructured, amorphous blobs.

In this course, well see how various types of discrete mathematical objects can be built up from other discrete objects in a well-defined way. The field of discrete mathematics can be summarized as the study of discrete, mathematical that is, well-defined, conceptual objects, both primitive objects and more complex structures. This diagram which itself is an example of the type of discrete structure known as a graph outlines some ways in which a variety of discrete and continuous structures can ultimately diskgit built up from a very simple type of discrete structure known as a set, which is one of the first structures we will learn.

This is just to give you a a bit of a feel for the inter-relatedness of matematikz objects. This diagram is vastly simplified; some of the dependencies are left out, many other kinds of structures and ways of defining structures in terms of other structures are also possible and are left out for simplicity.

For example, sets themselves can be defined in terms of functions, or relations. No one fungzi of structure is truly fundamental, since almost any structure can be defined in terms of almost any other. Sets are only one possible starting point; but they are a popular one because their definition is so simple.

We will revisit this diagram in lembangkit detail throughout this course, and show how the various links work. We are basically following the same order of material as the textbook. However, we will skip over some sections in the later chapters. The syllabus goes into this diekrit more detail. The most important objective in my opinion is that after taking this course if not beforethe student should be capable of performing logical thought and reasoning that is creative, yet precise and correct.

Working with specific kinds of discrete structures is a good way to practice this skill, and the knowledge gained is useful due to the widespread use of these structures.

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