7. Apr. Das Handbuch ansehen und herunterladen von AVM FRITZBox Fon WLAN Router (Seite von ) (Englisch). Auch Unterstützung. FRITZ!Box – FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick N – AVM. Handbuch FRITZ WLAN Repeater E – AVM · Handbuch FRITZ WLAN Repeater E. Handbuch der FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN – AVM Read more about handbuch, wlan and FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN – AVM · FRITZ!.

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During the last few weeks a lot of new stuff in breaking embedded devices has arrived.

Handbuch FRITZ Box 7362 SL

There are some quite interesting vulnerabilities, exploits and some new handbuxh available. First of all Craig Heffner has analyzed the Linksys WRTN router and he has created a lot of detailed information about this work on his blog. The series of blogposts start with some details about breaking the hardware.

Second he shows how it is possible to extract the firmware from the device. Finally Craig has found an interesting buffer overflow vulnerability and he has created a nice and 727 exploit for it.

This exploit is able to reset the password for the web-interface of the router. So I thought this would be a quite nice Metasploit Auxiliary module. The following code is the interesting part of the module — the full code is available on Github.

Within the main function run it starts with a first test of the login with the username admin and no password. If this test is successful there is no further need for this module and it is finished:. There is no need to use this module.

Bedienungsanleitung AVM FRITZBox Fon WLAN (Seite von ) (Englisch)

Next the exploit logic from the original exploit was ported to Metasploit. While the original exploit uses static strings the Metasploit module uses its typical evading mechanism via generating the strings dynamically. So every exploiting attempt looks a bit different and makes it harder for detection. This feature is quite useful for the final exploit but during development you probably would use static strings.

If we get a response and the HTTP response code is it looks quite promising and finally the module tries again to login with the fritzhox admin and without a password.

If this login attempt is successful the exploit has done a good job and we are able to login and configure the router through the web-interface. During February there were some interesting reports about a new worm attacking embedded devices in the forum diary of the SANS institute.

New #Metasploit modules for attacking embedded devices are available

This worm attacks different Linksys routers and handbudh a typical command injection vulnerability. This vulnerability was in the tmUnblock. The handbich downloads and executes a foreign binary via the web-interface. There are at least the following devices reported as vulnerable: Because of the fact that there are so many devices affected I was interested in creating a Metasploit module out of the details we had.


The first try was also to create a payload and initiate a download then execute it via this command injection. This module is not included in the framework but if someone is interested it is fully functional and available over here.

This method has some disadvantages. First of all the module is a bit complex, then the target device needs Wget preinstalled. If there are some affected devices without Wget then the module fails. So we decided to try another method. This second method uses a nice feature of the typical echo implementation. Following the help output of the busybox echo command is shown:. Thanks to JuanMetasploit has an easy to use Mixin.

With this it is very easy to write a module that uses this technique. The following snippet of code shows the relevant part of.

You can see that the module by itself is very small. For a first test it is recommended to have access to the device. Via this you are able to verify that the payload is written correctly, chmoded and executed in the right way.

Sometimes if you hanrbuch in hurry or you are not able to get access via another method like UART it will also work with a little bit of trial and error. There was another popular command injection vulnerability in the last few weeks. It was directly exploited from the internet to harm users. The vendor of the Fritz!

Box devices at first was not able to determine the correct attack vector and so it took quite a while to release patches.

Because nearly every device of AVM is vulnerable it was a bit of a disaster for dritzbox vendor. The following devices are reported as affected: The vulnerability by itself was first publicly documented here. The exploit module is quite easy and it looks handbuvh the same as the previously mentioned TheMoon module. The FritzOS also includes Wget, so it is possible to use the download and execute method as another way of exploitation.

A screenshot of the exploit module that uses Wget is available over here. The final module looks nearly the same as the previously mentioned TheMoon exploit, the main difference is that the request length is limited to around 90 bytes and we have to split our handbjch in chunks of this size.

The Mixin is able to handle this and to fire the request of the vulnerable CGI as often as it is needed to handbhch the whole payload tritzbox execute it on the target device. With the exploit command it is possible to fire up the module and after transferring the whole shellcode to the target device it executes the created executable and activates our nice and shiny remote shell.


After the execution it also removes the new executable from the target device. With this feature no more manual cleanup task is needed. Take 7720 look over here. For this a reboot and an execve payload were tested and ported as little endian and big endian versions to the framework. These payloads are quite useful in cases where the bigger Metasploit payloads will not fit out of the box.

New #Metasploit modules for attacking embedded devices are available |

Typically, for special cases like exploits with a huge set of bad characters or with a very small size of controlled buffer.

At least they can be firtzbox for debugging purposes. In the easiest way you could generate a payload binary with msfpayload and frittzbox it on a MIPS machine like the Debian Linux from here http: With these modules every Metasploit user and pentester should be able to haandbuch his devices for the mentioned vulnerabilities.

If you are affected it is recommended to update your router with a hopefully fixed firmware upgrade from the vendor. The views expressed on this site are my own and do not reflect those of my current employer or its clients. This “work” has been done in my free time and therefore it’s not related to my current company in any way.

Potential intruders are in what military strategists call “the position of the interior”: Skip to Main Content. New Metasploit modules for attacking embedded devices are available Posted Wed, MetasploitLinksysFritz! If this test is successful there is no further need for this module and it is finished: Offsec Pentesting with Backtrack review.

Backtrack 4 – pre final is out. Offensive Security legt nach Follow me on Twitter. Recent blog posts Hacking mit Metasploit – 3. Recent comments Penetrationstest 3 years 31 weeks ago Any idea how to make it in 4 years 41 weeks ago rev A DIR 5 years 1 week ago exploit 5 years 3 weeks ago 2. Disclaimer The views expressed on this site are my own and do not reflect those of my current employer or its clients.