Careers and jobs available at Footaction, updated for Application, salary information, what Footaction pays per hour, hiring and age requirements, and. Download the Footaction job application on this page. If you don’t have any of those types of accounts then click the “Use the online form” link/button. Footaction is a retailer leading in athletic footwear. The company caters youngsters and is present all across the nation. It has more than three hundred retail.

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Footaction is a company synonymous with attitude and style.

So are their employees. Footaction is a retailer of the latest fashions in footwear and accessories. They stock striking and exciting products in stunning diversity, with the intention that any individual can find or create their own personal style. They are a market leader in footwear fashion retail. The company strives to provide an overall in-store visit experience that is as unique and personalized as the styles on offer.

Footaction Job Application

Dynamic customer-service is a core principle, one believed by the company to be the reason why they are leaders in the retail footwear field. They believe in creating a fresh and relaxed atmosphere for consumers to feel confident in. This attitude stretches to employment too. Footaction is regarded as one of the most enjoyable places to work, allowing room to be yourself while developing a rewarding career in the fashion retail industry. Footaction is part of the Foot Locker Inc.

It currently operates over stores in various locations across the United States. Working at Footaction is a rewarding link into the fashion industry, whether applicatkon store or at the Home Office. Stores are all about selling merchandise and providing a unique shopping experience. Your Footaction application ought to be directed to your local store if a customer-facing role is what you desire.

The Footaction jobs available in the Home Office are varied and interesting. These can range from operations management to fashion design and marketing.


Footaction Job Application – Adobe PDF – Apply Online

Your job description can often be your own to write — apply online through the Footaction jobs online site. Footaction will usually require that you are 18 years or old before accepting applications for Footaction jobs. However, there may be job opportunities for those younger than 18 if a work permit can be provided with your resume. Healthcare is an available perk, as are flexible hours and paid vacation. Most desired, however, is the real opportunity for progression available to anyone looking to further their Footaction careers.

Store hours can be dependent upon location, store size or seasonality. Corporate employees should expect to keep regular office hours. Sales Associate — You know what style is and you wear it with attitude.

You are enthusiastic about the brand and immediately noticeable in it, providing a unique customer service that encapsulates Footaction as a company. Sales Lead — You know how to foltaction a personalized look so that your customer will turn heads. You have experience in meeting personal goals and driving sales, applicaton have an outstanding knack for providing a tailored customer-service experience.

Assistant Manager — You are a respected teacher and a passionate coach. You will accept some accountability for sales and profitability in your store, but you will be ready to assume most operational responsibilities in the absence of the store manager.

What kinds of people are most likely to buy our products? You are being asked for your perception of the customer base.

This is a company that believes in providing quality products for everyone. This should footxction a key point in your answer. What style of shoe would you usually wear? The interviewer is less interested in what kind of shoes you wear, but more so in how you can describe or put together style.

This may be an integral part of your job, so you need to show that you have a genuine interest in fashion. What do you think are the most important qualities needed to work here? This might differ depending on what job you are going for, though some fundamental things will applicahion the same: Helpfulness, friendliness, good work-ethic and exceptional customer service skills. Foktaction do you already know about the company?


Foltaction is widely accepted that the person who most wants a job will have done the most amount of research. Buzzwords and slogans should be remembered too. What puts you ahead of other candidates for this role? Think about what qualities a candidate would need to have to land the job. Describe to your hiring manager how each of these qualities exists in you at a high standard. Demonstrate occasions when these skills have been utilized effectively.

To apply for jobs at Footaction, you will need to submit a direct application by completing applicatjon online application form. This free application will be automatically sent to the relevant hiring manager.


Complete your application with care, double checking it before sending. This is your introduction, so write to impress. Be concise and honest.

For some positions it may even be best to take samples of a portfolio i.

The best advice is to be confident and friendly — that is the sort of candidate this company is looking for. After all necessary paperwork has been completed you may be invited for an interview.

The interview can be reasonably short, usually an informal meeting conducted by your prospective manager. If this goes well, you can probably expect to be called into a second interview before learning the final decision on your candidacy. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

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