The only unicorn horn in Fablehaven was the property of the centaurs, but they refuse to let the group borrow it. Seth hears Graulus (the demon) call for him. Fablehaven: Secret of the Dragon Sanctuary For centuries, mystical creatures of all description were gathered to a hidden refuge called Fablehaven to prevent . Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary is the fourth novel in The New York In this one they visit a preserve for dragons, wyrmroost, strange changes are.

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Index Newest Popular Sqnctuary. Here is my quiz about the fourth book in Brandon Mull’s awesome series. As of Dec 31 How does Kendra find out Seth has gold from Fablehaven?

She overhears him telling his friend he won a lot of money. She finds it hidden in his room.

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His Christmas list includes some very expensive items. Seth confesses he kept some. How does the false Rex get Kendra to prick her finger on the stingbulb? He has her feel what he put in boxes for the children to guess what’s inside them; one contains the stingbulb.

He asks her to get a toy from behind a bookshelf, but it is really the stingbulb. He tells the kids to dare her to touch it. He takes her in a separate room and forces her hand on it. The stingbulb Kendra does some strange things the real Kendra would not do. Which of these is NOT one of them? She punches at Seth with her fists. She eats three bowls of chocolate cereal.


She brings home a snake she catches. She jokes about ditching school. How does the stingbulb Kendra commit suicide? She shoves poison in her mouth. She jumps off a high building. While Kendra is touching the Oculus, she forgets about where she is and that she has a body.

What brings her back to reality? The Fairy Queen tells her to let go of the Oculus. She sees her funeral.

Her grandmother tells her to let go of the Oculus. Who else, beside Kendra, turns out to be a stingbulb? Which items help Kendra escape from Tornia and the Sphinx? A transport rod and a stingbulb. A flashlight serets a knapsack. A stingbulb and a knapsack. A gaseous potion and a stingbulb.

Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary – Wikipedia

Where in the Hall of Dread did Patton write clues about the location of two of the artifacts? On the gong in the room.

On the ceiling in the hallway. On the ceiling in the room. On the floor in the hallway. Graulas makes Seth a full-fledged Shadow Charmer. Seth goes in the centaur’s maze and meets the troll guarding the unicorn’s horn. Who does Seth introduce himself as?

Which of these does Verl give Kendra for Christmas? A scarf he made. A drawing secret Kendra and Seth. A statue of Kendra he made. A sled he made. What can Kendra and Seth do if they touch each other?

What creatures guard Thronis’s the giant’s mountain? What happens to Warren when Raxtus tries to oc him? His nails grow long. His hair and beard grow long. His chest hair grows long. His eyebrows and eyelashes grow long. How do Kendra and Seth slay the poison dragon? They cut her with swords. They throw big rocks at her, since together they are really strong.


Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

They shoot arrows with crossbows at her throat. They stab her with the unicorn’s horn. Who warns Kendra about the ambush waiting for the group outside the dragon temple? Navarog wants Kendra alive, so why does he try to scratch her? He just wants to hurt her for fun. He had to hurry and fight other dragons and he didn’t want her to escape with the key. He had to hurry and fight other dragons and didn’t want her to use her magic rain stick. To show her his strength so she’d cooperate.

How does Navarog die? He gets struck by lighting. The dragons he fights kill him. Raxtus eats him when he is in human form. Kendra throws a bottle with gaseous poison at him.

It turns out Javier, from Lost Mesa, really was working with Navarog. What bad news do Kendra and Seth find out at the end of the book?

Their grandparents had been kidnapped. The eanctuary became impatient about getting their horn back, so they kidnapped Dale. Fablehaven had been attacked again. Their parents had been kidnapped.

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