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Epicurus (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Log In Sign Up. Buglass review of Fratantuono. The Letter to Herodotus is a mnemonic summary of Epicurean physics written in the 4th century B. In the transmitted text Epicurus uses atomism theories for explaining key aspects of the epicurean philosophy ranging from the canonic or theory of knowledge to the physics and, to a lesser extent, to the ethics. In the subsequent critical note we present the hypothesis that the text itself had a protreptic and methodological character, which makes it much more programmatic than an epitome.

The Letter to Herodotus would be both a doctrinal catechism and a working template for the orientation of advanced students that aspire to achieve the investigation maturity and the type of higher abstract reasoning and phrasing that the letter itself is evidence of.

In his dialogue entitled De vero bono, Lorenzo Valla questions the admiration of pagan moral principles by his contemporaries.

For this purpose he presents an Epicurean speaker who defends voluptas as opposed to the stoic praise of honestas. In recent decades critics have emphasized the fact that Valla’s knowledge of Epicureanism was very limited when he wrote this work inand that its purpose was not to defend the epciurista of this philosophical school, but to use them as a means to achieve his objective of underestimating the importance of pagan ethics in relation to the Christian etixa.

However, an analysis of those points where the De vero bono in fact approaches Epicurean thesis and how some of the ideas presented there are continued in his Dialecticae disputationes and in his Apologia show that there are aspects of his work inspired by a positive view of the philosopher of Samos.


La Dialectica y la Apologia. Kierkegaard’s Secret Politics of Anguish and Love. This paper contests the view in the scholarship e. eitca

Kierkegaard seeks to disabuse us from the idea that we can possess faith, and indeed, anything whatsoever such as the love we feel towards our family members, romantic partners, friends and even the love we have to our own life. International Journal of Philosophy and Theology Why die — a philosophical apology of death.

Testi, Iconografia e paesaggio, Firenze, Leo S. Swinish Herds and Pastafarians: Comedy as an Ideological Weapon. The roles played and tactics used by secularist comedians and philosophers in the ancient and modern worlds are similar enough that one finds some continuity in their narratives, arguments, and identities.

The most original and shocking interpretation of Lucretius in the last 40 years. Epiucrista Nail argues convincingly and systematically that Lucretius was not an atomist, but a thinker of kinetic flux. In doing so, he completely overthrows In doing so, he completely overthrows the interpretive foundations of modern scientific materialism, whose philosophical origins lie in the atomic reading of Lucretius’ immensely influential book De Rerum Natura.

This means that Lucretius was not the revolutionary harbinger of modern science as Greenblatt and others have argued; he was its greatest victim.

Diogene di Enoanda

Memento Mori – Riflessioni sulla Morte. Dovremmo invece domandarci, e risponderci pragmaticamente, se sia realmente auspicabile non invecchiare, non morire.

The general lines of the epicurean theory are presented in order to give consistency to the concept of ata-raxia as a way to find both knowledge and happiness, and how this is reflected in community life.

Epicurus on the truth of all perceptions: Epicurus famously claimed that i all perceptions are true and that ii error comes from judgement. One of the reasons why this epistemological dictum strikes us as utterly counter-intuitive is that, prima facie, we take perception to One of the reasons why this epistemological dictum strikes us as utterly counter-intuitive is that, prima facie, we take perception to be true insofar as its content represents its causal object accurately.

Consider the following case. Tina and Tom are looking at the same tower from different places; while Tina is looking at the tower from a relatively close distance, Tom is looking at it from afar. As it happens, the tower is square but looks square to Tina and round to Tom.

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The claim that all perceptions are true strikes us as peicurista counter-intuitive because etiica and hallucinations are cases in which perception does not represent its causal object as it is. What does Epicurus mean, then, when he affirms that all perceptions are true?

On one possible interpretation of this theory of perception e. Taylor ; Everson ; Asmisall perceptions are true insofar as they infallibly report on the nature of their respective immediate causes, i.

As I will go on to explain, although perceptual reports do not tell us how things are in themselves, epivurista should not be regarded as trivial or uninformative, for it is precisely on the basis of the information provided by the senses that we can make, with the aid of reason, justified inferences that go beyond our own affections and establish how things are independently of how we perceive them. Review of Francesco Verde, Epicuro Milano: Epicuro e l’epicureismo paperback and e-book.

In che termini e in che epicugista possiamo parlare di determinismo nel pensiero di Epicuro di Samo? A partire da questa epicruista, e dopo una celere ricostruzione della riflessione greca antica sul determinismo, il lavoro tenta di individuare From this question and after a short overview of ancient Greek thoughts about determinism, the paper tries epicuridta individuate determinism issue in Epicurus’ Physics and Ethics.

The goal is to show how determinism issue, a very frequent topic epicugista debate in Hellenistic philosophy, turns in Epicurus’ thought in a conflict between a certain theory that aims to give “scientific” explanations of how physical world runs, and the ethical requirement of a adequate concept of human freedom, elaborated in the context of a unique philosophy of mind. Collegio Ghislieri of Pavia Ads help cover our server costs.

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