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Ignace de Loyola, saint Record ID cnp Biographical Data – Place of Birth Loyola. Place of Death Rom.

Note de regroupement par domaine: Soldato spagnolo, nato nel castello di Loyola presso Azpeitia nel e morto a Roma nel Fu beatificato nel e santificato nel More Information Further Biographical Data Primary Language s Spanish. Geographic Note ES iso Place of Death Rom Sterbeort. Names Heading Ignace de Loyola, saint used jgnazio Ignacio, de Loyola used in: Ignacio, de Loyola, santo used in: Ignacio de Loyola used in: Ignatius, Saint, of Loyola used in: Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint used in: National Library of Russia, St.


Ignasi, de Loiola, sant, used in: Ignacio, de Loyola, Saint.

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Ignacio de Loyola VD Ignacio de Loyola, saint Spanish. Ignacio de Loyola [Sources: Ignacio de Loyola san [Sources: Ignatij Lojola, saint Russian.

Ignatio Nome su edizioni. Ignatio Loyola Nome su edizioni. Ignatius Nome su edizioni. Ignatius, de Loyola, Saint.

IGNAZIO DI LOYOLA by camilla pauletti on Prezi

Ignatius, von Loyola M. Ignatius de Loyola Nome su edizioni.

Ignatius de Loyola, saint Latin. Ignatius, saint, of Loyola [Sources: Ignaz, von Loyola M. Ignazio di Loyola, santo [Sources: Loyola, Ignace de French.

Chiesa di sant’Ignazio in Campo Marzio – Roma

Loyola, Ignacio de Spanish. Loyola, Ignacio de, Saint [Sources: Ignace, de Loyola, sant, Ignacio, de Loyola, sant, Ignasi, de Loyola, sant, Ignatius, of Loyola, sant, Ignatius, von Loyola, sant, Ignazio, di Loyola, sant, Loiola, Ignasi de, sant, Lojola, Ignatius, sant, Loyola, Ignacio de, sant, Sources Eswrcizi in GND.


Ignace de Loyola saint. Ignacio de Loyola saint. Imprint Sources Exercitia spiritvalia. Regel der Societet Jesu. The spiritual exercises of S. Founder of the Society of Jesus, De obedientiae virtute epistola N. Related Records Click here for Related Records. Other Formats You may also download this records in one of the following formats.

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